Scorpion (S04E03) "Grow A Deer, A Female Deer"

The episode began with Sly practising his speech to acquire space for the library , when Patty comes in to requests Sly to let her go in order to intern some where else.Patty is a good example to young kids because she’s driven and has ambitions, despite being outspoken she was a good character addition to this episode.
Upon hearing of Cabe’s arrest Walter rushes to bail him out . The whole team pitches in to raise the money for his bail by sacrificing some of the things they hold dear , which doesn’t sit well with Cabe.
Paige takes up a poaching case due to the money issue that arises from raising Cabe’s bail. This results to the team heading out to Africa for the case while Cabe stays back to look after Ralph.
While discovering  the species of the rhinos being hunted the team interrupted a poacher trying to kill a rare deer species. The poacher ran off leaving behind the injured deer, while trying to save it they discover that she’s pregnant. The team manages to create an artificial womb to transport the baby in order to save it’s life. We got to see Sly’s germophobia and fear kick in which was funny and never gets old.
It was amusing to watch  Walter in this episode imitate Cabe of which he was doing a bad job . 
Back at LA Cabe and Ralph end up discusing about Cabe’s situation with the team bailing him out. Ralph helps Cabe realise it’s ok for the team to want to help him which proves Ralph is really a kid with mature thoughts and exceptionally smart.
Patty comes back to the warehouse to bake so tgat she can get Sly the space for the library. It becomes quite hectic for Cabe when Ally and his lawyer come to the warehouse and it leads to a misunderstanding between Ally and him. Due to the lawyer insisting on him to take the deal offered,  Cabe fires him .
Ralph contributes a lot in this case which leads to the team taking down the whole organisation of the poachers. He managed to find a way to track all of their satellite phones the poachers used to communicate with .
The team managed to save both the deer and its baby before heading out home. Upon reaching home the team discovers an interesting discovery of Ralph’s crush on Patty . Sly also gets the space as a result of  Patty’s efforts which show how devoted she is to doing her job well ,despite not wanting to intern for him. This just goes to show how much of a badass she is despite being a teenager.
We are also shown subtle signs of Happy developing an interest in the concept of children and Toby picking up on it at the end of the episode. 
In general the episode had a proprtional balance in humour and drama making it a delight to watch.
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