Fresh Off The Boat (S04E02) "First Day"

When Eddie sees that Alison is hanging around with the high school football team, he decides to join and go against Jessica’s authority. Soon Jessica learns about Eddie joining the team and rushes to practice until she sees that he didn’t make the team. Eddie tells Allsion about it and soon she decides that they need a fresh new start and breaks up. But his best friends came together to be with him after they heard of the break up.
Meanwhile, Louis is dealing with Kenny Roger taking over 50 precent of the restaruant and Roger’s transition manager to give Louis the rundown of improvements. It becomes a bit too much when Kenny wants the stuff bear to go and Louis takes a stand and after making phone calls to the manager with comments, he told him face to face about it. And even though he didn’t play attention and somewhat agreed and Louis celebrates that ackward victory.
“First Day” was pretty good episode this week that had some really good story lines mostly Eddie and Jessica and Louis and Kenny Roger’s right hand man that realy stood out. The hilarous scenes were when Eddie comes in the kitchen with a “Booty” hat and Jessica didn’t want him to wear it. Along with her not agreeing to sign for him to play football because she didn’t want him to become the next O.J. Simpson and after she finds out he tried out for football.
Even Louis and the manager was funny at times. I enjoy watching Louis go fighting for his resturant by calling and making comments to keep the place what it is. I really didn’t think that the Emery story was okay but it didn’t really stick out like the other two storylines.
Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.
You can catch Fresh Off The Boat Tuesday nights at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.