Lovell Adams Gray: Is he the "Guilty Party?"

This young man, whom many may remember from “Dead of Summer,” is HIGHLY talented. With his own production company, and several very interesting films coming out, as well as the much anticipated Netfilx Aaron S. Martin’s “Slasher 2: Guilty Party.” This is someone to watch…plus he’s awful handsome 🙂 .
You are quite a busy man. You write, act and produce. Is directing next on your list?
    LAG:   Directing is definitely somewhere in my near future, but there’s so much of a technical aspect to it. It requires a part of my abilities that I haven’t developed yet. For now, I’ll study the greats and continue to enjoy working with directors who can see my work through a different lens.
Your roles are so varied. Is there one genre you prefer over the other?
LAG:   I tend to lean towards more dramatic, serious pieces. I love being able to find the truth and vulnerability of a character and really dive deep. I find there are so many different hues and colors in drama that give room to so much more. Don’t get me wrong, though, I’d love to do a superhero action comedy like Deadpool or Kickass.
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“Dead of Summer” was an awesome series. You got to work with the iconic Tony Todd, how was that? 
   LAG:   It was a joy to meet and work with Tony. He knows how to be terrifying. I grew up watching Candyman, so I had that image of him with the bees in his mouth stuck in my mind whenever I looked at him.
You are in one of the most anticipated series coming out this fall, “Slasher: Guilty Party”. The first season was a big hit, did you brush up on it when you were cast in season two, even though they are different stories?
      LAG:   Absolutely, I loved the entire first season, and the plot twists are what I live for. I loved the religious aspect of the story too, it made things a lot scarier for me. I found myself unable to put the show down until it was finished. Not to mention it was great to watch a strong female protagonist portrayed by Katie McGrath and a veteran performance by Wendy Crewson.
I know you can’t speak on “Guilty Party” too much, but what can you tell us?
     LAG:  Well, I can tell you it was cold as hell, the 9th circle according to Dante, during shooting. The frigid temperature plays a huge obstacle for these characters and you will be compelled to keep watching. Also, you’ll never be able to guess the major plot twist this time around.
What is your character like?
    LAG:  Peter Broome is, essentially, the moral compass of the show. He’s strong, fearless, and compassionate, which is all to cover a damning dark past. He is haunted by guilt, which motivates him to do some pretty heroic things. I think the fans will like him.
Aaron S. Martin is an award winning show-runner. What was working with him like?
   LAG:  Aaron is a treasure, and it was an honor to work with him. He works to evoke change and create different and exciting content on television. You can tell by his writing. Each character is fleshed out and deepened, which as an actor, is such a gift. He’s also the warmest guy on set, and has such a positive energy, it’s infectious. Even when it’s 30 below with 10 inches of snow on the ground. 
Is there a role you’d like to play that you haven’t yet?
    LAG:  I would love to play a superhero or, at least, a character with powers. I watch a lot of anime and I would love to bring my experiences to a character like that. I’d also love to be in a civil rights film based in the 1960s to 1970s. That’s such an important time in recent black history with a treasure trove of compelling characters and national figures to explore. 
What can we look forward to from you in the future?
    LAG:  Under my company, BDB Productions, we have three films slated for release from late fall to mid-2018, one of which I wrote, called The Olde Proverb. This story mirrors a fictional past with a factual present, in which Malcolm X is alive when Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated. Marcus Garvey, H. Rap Brown, Rodney King, Malcolm X, and Coretta Scott King are gathered at the funeral to mourn the loss or Dr. King, while we also see in the present day, the funeral of a young man gunned down during a “routine” stop and frisk. 
Now, Lovell isn’t on Twitter (yet) but you can find him on IG @lovelladamsgray, his fb fan page, and YOUTUBE….
Check him out, Impressed and in heat, you’ll be.