Mr. Mercedes (S01E10) "Jibber-Jabber Chicken Dinner"

Wow, with this being a season finale for our freshmen series that has sold the hearts of Stephen King fans for a television series. This finale had a lot that went on but thats good because it gives me a lot to talk about in this review, but I’m also curious to see what they will do with this series when Season 2 premiere’s in 2018; but I guess we will have to wait and see. So lets get to this review!
I always knew that Brady (Harry Treadway) wasn’t dead at the end of episode nine and I was right to believe that too because we saw that master of terror (oh wait is that title already taken by Pennywise?) then lets say master of chaos alive and well and knowing his cover is blown he had to go in disguise for his evil plan in tonights episode. Brady did a lot of planning for this episode and it must’ve been worth it cause he was trying to blow himself up! Although I really do think he must’ve watched too many James McAvoy films cause that whole shaved head and wheelchair style is so Professor X from the X-Men.
As for Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) he had quite a lot on his plate, it was so much worry and horror that was on his mind that it drove him to a heart attack, thankfully he didn’t die and was able to watch Holly (Justine Lupe) go all “here’s Jackie” on Brady’s head. But Hodges did have a lot to worry about though, especially after that nightmare he had about his daughter Ally, Holly, Jerome (Jharrell Jerome), and Ida (Holland Taylor) all being killed. Throughout the whole episode we basically saw Hodges worry about all of them but he only warned Jerome, Holly, and Ida through calling them we never did see him call Ally.
Next on my list is Lou (Breeda Wool) we saw that she was being questioned by the police this episode and how she knew of Brady. But never did Lou ever think she would be stabbed by her best friend and be left to die. When that happened I was seriously scared that she was going to die especially with being stabbed with that big of a knife but I’m glad that she stayed alive and that we might be seeing her in season 2,  I sure hope we do cause Breeda Wool is literally a fantastic actress and she deserves to return for the next chapter of this fantastic series.
I was really hoping though that douche bag of a district manager Josh (David Furr) to die because he deserves to die! He literally was a douche since he came on board on this series in I think it was episode 7 maybe episode 6 but still, even then he deserved to be killed off.; if only Brady had the balls to kill him. But now Josh has to look after the electronics store until they can find a new manager which I guess thats a good enough hell for him, for now.
With Brady now in a coma after being beaten almost to his death, I was really hoping that there was going to be some kind of reaction to Brady where he opens his eyes and rips off all the coma and breathing equipment and be all like “I live!” but no instead they just had him lay there with his eyes closed and the camera only zoomed in onto him which I guess that was a smart move to keep the audience guessing in when he will wake up and when he will try plotting more of a revenge on Hodges.
With this being the season finale we will have to wait for Season 2 which should air sometime either in June, July, or August 2018 hopefully the network could choose to air it sooner we wont know details until at a later date like everyone else. Until then my readers carry on and we will meet again!