Riverdale (S02E01) "A Kiss before dying"

2017 10 12 14122046351 - Riverdale (S02E01) "A Kiss before dying"  Season two picked up immediately where the show left off with the dinner scene where Fred gets shot. We see a dishevelled  Archie rush his shot father to the hospital, creating this immense emotional scene just showing how distressed he was. (Brilliant acting from KJ brought out how intense the scene actually was).
The series’s focus on small details always builds up the plot, creating a suitable ambience for a scene and this episode did not fail to do so. The focus on Fred’s  bloody hand leaning on the window and the broken car mirror showed just how intense the scene of Archie driving his dad to the hospital was. 
Betty and Alice having breakfast shows one of their typical mother-daughter moments, in which Alice gives out her input on Betty’s choices which brings out a little humour to the audience. We see how far Alice has come as a character when she and Betty go to the hospital to give Archie support after learning about Fred being shot. This shows how much her character has progressed from before, but we’re also glad to see that not all of her behaviour has changed and we still get to see some of her quirkiness.
Fred’s internal battle to hang on and fight to regain consciousness was a unique aspect in the show. It projected a level of spookiness and at the same time had a sort of beauty to it showing just how strong a father’s love is for his son. In the visions Fred sees aspects of his son’s life he would miss were he to die and in one of the odd visions he sees Archie’s wedding.  He sees the shooter aim at Archie and he tries to protect his son, which results to him gaining conciousness .
We see both the couples Varchie and Bughead facing some difficulties in this episode. Both Betty and Veronica have concerns for their boyfriend’s current situation and try to smooth things out. As much as Archie claims to be crazy about Veronica, the lingering gazes on Betty aren’t lost on us, which makes us wonder if the writers are planning on introducing a love triangle. We are yet to see if the gazes have more to it but we hope the writers don’t bring an unnecessary storyline as the show has a lot more to offer than a love triangle.
The episode literally had a little of all relationships on the show as we also finally got some Bevin time in which Betty tells Kevin the status of hers and Jughead’s relationship. We see Kevin warn Betty of the difficulties of dating someone with ties to the serpents which proves itself when Jug discovers how messy it actually is to have ties to the serpents .
In the episode Cheryl is not left out as we see her bringing her burnt mother to the hospital. As always Cheryl’s character has been complex there are so many layers to her that as an audience we are yet to fully understand her actions. We are shown a shift in her and her mother’s relationship as we now to see Cheryl having the reins and issue out a threat to reveal what actually happened in the stable which leaves us more curious. This shows how the show is based on the many mysteries of Riverdale and the two latest ones have a lot of potential for an amazing storyline. 
The first official appearance of  Charles Melton as the new Reggie was to show support to Archie and his situation.  Not only did he and Josie and the Pussy Cats show their support but we are also shown Cheryl offer hers as a way of gratitude for Archie saving her life. That was a sweet moment that showed Riverdale is a small town and people come together during times of difficulties.
Mark Cosneulos makes his debut as Hiram and it was everything we hoped for as his appearance was powerful, mysterious and dark which blended quite well with the ambience of the scene. The Lodge family in this episode showed a lot of insight on their relationship and it’s not all rainbow and sunshine as we were led to believe before. They have a lot of dark secrets, especially Hermoine. Her character is taking a dip and we’re starting to see a different, almost ugly side of her which makes us wonder if her character is going to have a darker secrets ide this season.
Lastly Miss Grundy makes an appearance at the end of the episode in which we are shown how she is still stuck on her pedophilic ways preying on boys she teaches. We see how cautious she is when she has double locks on her door, making me wonder if she really wasn’t lying about running away from someone. Fred’s shooter managed to find a way to get into her house and the episode ends with him killing her. Is there a connection between her abusive ex and the killer? Is there a reason why the killer targeted both Fred and Miss Grundy?  These are all questions left in my mind by the episode showing just how much suspense and mystery is the base of the show.
Source :IMDB