The Gifted (S01E02) “rX”

Another week brings another fantastic episode of The Gifted. From unstable powers, to hair dye cleansing showers, there was a little something in it for everyone. We continue to see the struggles that mutants face on a daily basis, as well as how the human characters are adapting to this knowledge.

In this instalment of the series, we get to see the how the Strucker’s mesh with the mutant underground under incredibly stressful circumstances. Blink’s (Jamie Chung) powers have grown unstable after she exerted too much of herself saving the Strucker’s, minus Reed, from Sentinel Services. She is left weakened, and it is soon discovered that she is dying. In the midst of trying to help Blink, she continues to open portals to a grid road. Luckily for them, Caitlin (Amy Acker) has the medical knowledge to help stabilize her new found mutant comrade.

With Marcos (Sean Teale) in toe, the pair head out to get the needed medicine one way or another. This allows for some character development between the two, giving Caitlin a better understanding of mutant struggles, including ones her children will face. She is given a new perspective that she seemingly appreciates.

Mean while, we find Reed being not exactly the best ally. It doesn’t seem to take long for him to start making deals for his families safety, which while it shouldn’t be a surprise, is a slight let down. Alas it is only the second episode, so expecting him to consider the Mutant Underground in his negotiations may be a bit of a stretch. Hopefully we see him grow more in coming episodes.

Finally we come to Lorna. She seems to be experiencing what would be stereotypical prison treatment, though lucky for her she is a bad ass who does not suffer fools. Lorna’s natural hair also makes an appearance, making her stand out like a sore mutant thumb.

It can be certain that next week’s episode will be another thrill ride of epic proportions, packed with action and wonderful character moments. One can be sure that the danger is far from over for the Underground, as Sentinel Services is sure to close in. Only time will tell for our band of misfits.


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  1. Graffda says:

    Sounds so interesting! I’m suprised I haven”t heard of it yet, but surely am going to check it out real soon.

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  2. baybaby369 says:

    👌 ‘looking forward to the next eppy & your review. I’m excited for the season. Hope the goodness continues

    Liked by 1 person

    1. revetup says:

      Thanks! I really appreciate it!


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