Babylon Berlin premieres

Set in the glamorous and decadent world of 1920s Berlin, with communists and Nazis clashing on the city’s streets, it follows a young police inspector who investigates a porn ring and uncovers a web of corruption.
But beneath the glittering surface, the impoverished masses strive for a better life. It is a time of organized crime and political extremism.
Gereon Rath, a Cologne police officer, is new to the vice squad at the Red Fort, Berlin’s monumental police headquarters. Though calm and sincere at first sight, he carries a haunting burden.
When a freight train from the young Soviet Union arrives, it draws attention from many corners: to some, its treasure is the key to political power, to others, it secures a life in freedom and wealth, but first and foremost it is a deadly trap to everyone trying to approach it.
Fridays on Sky Deutschland.