Happy Death Day (2017)

When I first heard about this movie I was thinking it was going to be stupid and not worth my time. When I saw this film for a movie screening I was sold instantly, this movie is so good and very creative. I was very impressed with this whole film especially the twist and turns within the film and the ending was very comical but every horror/thriller movie needs those comical moments within the movie to make sure it keeps the audience entertained. Like how I said this film is so good, if you look at the trailers and think its a waste of your time, don’t think that. Go see the movie for yourself!
In the film you meet Tree (Jessica Rothe) waking up first thing in the morning with a major hang over in a dorm room where she remeets Carter (Israel Broussard) throughout the first moments of the film we see Tree, interact with a lot of people that hate her guts, figuratively and literally. Like her roommate Lori (Ruby Mordine) but works on being a thoughtful roommate all the same. When Tree is out to go to her birthday bash party she is interrupted half way there by a noise of a birthday tune. When she turns around in the tunnel area there’s a hooded figure with a baby smiling mask on. Tree threatens to call the police on the figure and it retreats, once Tree goes out of the tunnel to be attacked by the masked figure then stabbed through the throat to kill her.
The day repeats many and I mean many more times throughout the film, a lot of the times when Tree was trying to figure out the killers identity before she died that day again were actually pretty comical. Especially when she found out about her one night stand Tim (Caleb Spillyards) is gay, because she saw him masturbating to gay porn. Throughout every single time that Tree relives the same day, she gets another good idea to try from helpful people mainly Carter.
Eventually Tree realizes she has to find out who the killer is and kill the killer if she wants to live. And with that literally comes a whole lot of deaths, I believe she died ten times in order to finally find out the killer’s identity but with that also came quite a lot of drama but I wont spoil much of this film cause what fun would that be. I do like though that Carter did mention the film Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Ghostbusters when Tree didn’t know the name of the Groundhog day movie. That last little bit was so comical and I loved it. This film deserves to be seen, no matter how bad you hate time loop movies this one is literally worth seeing.
It’s weird I never thought that reliving the same day but dying differently would help invent you to become a better person each and every time. But this film like how I said earlier does have tons of twists and turns, just when you think you know who the killer is, another death happens to where your asking yourself “what just happened?” But I definitely, highly recommend this film. I know I say that a lot of times but I mean it for this film!
I give this film 5/5 stars
Happy Death Day is now out in theaters!