Lucifer (S03E02) "The One With The Baby Carrot"


Two episodes in and Lucifer is very much keeping in line with it’s previous seasons. The show is in my opinion one of the most stand-out shows currently on television. Somehow, Lucifer manages to explore humour and light-comedy whilst simultaneously presenting intriguing cases and well-developed, interesting characters. It’s a refreshing balance of intrigue and an easy watch.
In brief summary, the episode saw revelations in the real danger of “Sinnerman”. Lucifer exclaims that he will stop at nothing to identify and find the mysterious man(?). Linda is concerned that Lucifer is too set on catching the Sinnerman that he is putting his own well-being on a back seat… perhaps evident in him yet again cutting off his wings.
Meanwhile, what Chloe sees as Lucifer’s mad “antics” causes some tension between them, but as always, they’re able to cooperate as a team to solve the homicide at hand. On that note, this weeks case had the LAPD’s own Ella starstruck, which was hugely entertaining to watch. Ella interrupting Chloe and Lucifer repeatedly with her ‘fangirling’ as they attempt to interview Bobby Lowe is a perfect metaphor for what I said earlier about the show, seriousness interjected with humour and light-heartedness. Might I add that Aimee Garcia stood out this week as a result of how she acted her intense geekiness towards Bobby Lowe, and the fact that she was on set for a taping (I mean, I’d be the same if I found myself on set for the filming of one of my favourite shows). Kevin Alejandro too was hilarious with the stand-up scenes and Tom Ellis was, as usual great at portraying Lucifer’s comical persona. Ultimately, the entire cast have a great ability to play serious and silly all at once.
Tom Welling as Pierce is somewhat creating a rift in the normal atmosphere of the show as he spies on the team and provokes Lucifer with threats about tracing the Sinnerman. It’s pretty clear, unless it’s a double bluff, that Pierce has some involvement with the Sinnerman. At one point, I thought he could be the Sinnerman himself but that’d be way too obvious. Considering Welling is as far as I know set to be in all episode this season, I don’t think he’s going to turn out to be 100% villain, but there’s bound to be at least something going on here. Have to say I feel for Dan too because Pierce is being more of a jerk to him than anyone else.
In terms of Linda and Amendial’s new found friendship out of concern for Lucifer and his arguably reckless behaviour, I like their dynamic. However, I hope it remains as friendship rather than blossoming into anything more. The good dynamic doesn’t extent as far as any romantic chemistry so we’ll see where they decide o take that. On that note, I need Mazikeen back already. Kudos to Lesley-Ann Brandt for taking so little time off post-childbirth before being already back on set, impressive on her part to be back working by episode 3. Maze is absolutely my number one character on this show and I’m looking forward to her return… despite the title of next week’s episode being “Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith” – my 100% Maze and Linda ‘shipping’ self isn’t sure what to expect with that but I guess we’ll see. Since these Lucifer reviews are alternated I won’t be writing the review for next weeks seemingly Maze-heavy episode, but you should know it’ll probably prove my favourite of the season. I’m all about Maze screen-time.
All in all I enjoyed the episode as much as usual. I don’t feel as intrigued by the Sinnerman storyline as much as I was by previous seasons, but I think that will just take time and is made up for by the refreshing atmosphere of the show itself.