Van Helsing (S02E02) "In Redemption"

With this being the second episode there’s a lot of expectations for it to surpass the first episode of the second season. And to my standards it did, I was very impressed with this episode with it showing most of our main survivors where they are all now, we didn’t get a glimpse at Sam yet, but I’m counting on the next episodes we will see him. But it was good to see everyone else show up in the second episode and we also got a big surprise with a character that we all thought was dead during season one. I mean I’m pretty sure I wrote in one of my season one reviews that this certain character died in a certain episode when she ran off from the others. But lets get to the review and recap!
So in this episode, we found out that Doc (Rukiya Bernard) is helping out a group of survivors as a doctor/surgeon, but she isn’t exactly the greatest surgeon; but we already know that after everything that happened in season one. But she was reunited with one lucky little girl that we all thought was dead, Callie (Macie Juiles) who has been surviving all thanks to a vampire that had helped her when she was about to die. That vampire is Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) and when we see Axel, he is starving all the time for blood.
Vanessa (Kelly Overton), Dylan (Hannah Cheramy), and Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) all escape but not for long. Its not long after they escaped from the facility they are apprehended by Dimitri’s (Paul Johansson) love Anastasia (Gia Crovatin) along with Anastasia are some ferals. Desperate to return to Anastasia and Dimitri’s side Dylan tries going back to Anastasia but Vanessa doesn’t allow it. But Anastasia promises Vanessa that she will return to the monastery. Mohammad makes a brave move by choosing to stay behind so Vanessa and Dylan can escape. When Vanessa and Dylan escape they retreat to a warehouse where Vanessa finds out Dylan is a day walker vampire where the sun doesn’t hurt Dylan. Vanessa tries reconnecting with Dylan by telling her a memory of what  she used to do in the sun, but Dylan cuts Vanessa’s throat only to escape from Vanessa’s capture.
When Mohammad kills some of the vampires, he is about to be killed when Anastasia is killed right in front of him by an unknown samurai man or woman. Mohammad is then later found by Flesh (Vincent Gale) and Lucky (Andrea Ware) but were about to leave him, however we all know Flesh doesn’t leave friends behind. Flesh helps Mohammad up and helps him to get to somewhere safe.
Meanwhile, Dylan calls the vampire that is nearby to find out its Julius (Aleks Paunovic), Julius chooses to have Dylan take him to Dimitri. As Dylan was tracking the trail to get back to Dimitri; Vanessa gets to Julius to fight him but is then interrupted by a similar hate for one vampire. With Doc, she was forced to leave the camp and to go with Axel to find Vanessa. Axel sees Doc have problems with a feral vampire so Axel chooses to kill the feral vampire. The two of them continue their journey to find Vanessa so Axel can return to normal human self.
Next episode: Van Helsing(S02E03): “Love Bites” airs Thursday October 19, 2017 at 9/8c on Syfy