Will & Grace (S09E03) "Emergency Contact"

Jack (Sean Hayes) is riding high on the possibility of landing a commercial, although his dreams are quickly dashed when he learns that the part was never his. Deciding to drown his sorrows in his temp job at local boys and girls club, in his own way he is able to inspire a group of children. Karen (Megan Mullally) is the inescapable distraction, but she connects with a forlorn girl and aiding her in her plight. Who knew she had it in her to be a mentor?

On a routine visit with her gynecologist, Grace (Debra Messing) awakens in a hospital bed. There was something abnormal found in her exam and they needed to do an emergency biopsy to rule out the unfathomable C word. Being in a drugged up stupor she was in no shape to be on her own, unfortunately her emergency contact wasn’t changed after her divorce. Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) makes an unexpected but welcomed appearance.

An awkward conversation or two later, Leo and Grace found themselves back at the apartment she share’s with Will (Erik McCormack). Even though so many things have changed over the years the relationship between Will and Grace has remained the same. Leo points out their unhealthy and weirdly close relationship out to Grace, which leaves her questioning whether he was right or not. Will is there to assure her that the marriage was over before she came to him, needing the last word Grace needs closure.

Friendly banter between Will and Leo stirs up long lost emotions, but it isn’t enough to forgive and forget. They both had a hand in a failed marriage, and even with one last kiss, you can’t help but think that this is goodbye. It’s closure both of them needed to really move on. They were one of my favourite couples years ago, but change is good and I am sure they will both find their perfect match.

Each new episode that passes by is reminiscent of the way things were years ago, yet the characters have evolved overtime, even if they don’t quite want to admit it. It was a heartwarming episode that showed the true soft spot of some of them more “hardened” characters a.k.a Karen. They are all human after all.

Oh, and Grace does NOT have Cancer.

Another fantastic episode! I cannot wait for more.

Rating: 7/10

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Photo: IMDB