Bull (S02E03) "A Business Of Favors"

It’s dark. An air horn blows. There’s a scramble then; …”drink- drink- drink -drink”  is  chanted. It’s a sorority haze. There are 16 pledges  They’re dropped into a lake, inebriated and floating, if not swimming.  Then it’s light, it’s  morning.  Under the pier a young boy sees a body, face up.   
Judge Abernathy (Saidah Arrika Ekulona) is on the bench. She and Bull tease. They seem very familiar and comfortable with each other.  All jokes aside, she has a favor to ask.  He’s believed to be a “human lie detector” Can you help a friend? a new ADA in Richmond. (Tyrone Brown)  could use his help
Meanwhile Sam Wayland is dead; booze in his belly, water in his lungs.  Sam asphyxiated. He’s one of the 16 pledges that went out; 15 came back in, per dorm surveillance. 
The 15 declare a celebration of “Welcome to Thera”…not an act of hazing. They don’t know what happened after they went back to the dorm.  Bull watches closely and determines they’re all lying. Did he fall in-was he pushed? Was this deliberate or an accident?  Sam’s mama (Deirdre Lovejoy) wants to know. What happened?! 
ADA Abernathy, yes the Judge is his mama. (is the favor) accepts Bull on the case with skepticism.  Bull thinks the key is to undermine their allegiance to each other. He requests Abernathy file charges against all 15! No worries, he’s confident and hasn’t lost since 2005. Musta’ been that Callisto, TX almost win, referenced here from time to time.
On another note: Marissa is not at the office and running late for the 1st time in 6 yrs. She confesses she had an “irresponsible evening” mmmk. #boozeandsex  Bull wants to meet him. “No” Marissa’s not ready
And so after the usual customary… Bull “wins” by playing a game of “Light Lies” It works. Although they all were convicted of a much lesser sentence, in the “accidental” death of Sam,  there are no bad guys in this episode.  They’re all believable in their remorse; hanging heads, watering eyes and tears. 
No one wanted this. They all liked Sam. He, along with the other 15 was pushed into the  water. They looked for him. It was black, he wasn’t answering.  They looked.  He wasn’t there.  Rather than call the police or campus authorities; they hoped he was back in his room.  He wasn’t. They let it be- vowing to never mention the incident again. Hoping it would go away?   A sad episode and definitely not one of my favorites. 
On a much needed lighter note: Bull, wanting to share “the win”, goes to the office to tell Marissa.  T.A.C. is dark and empty; she’s not there. Bull’s surprised…or jealous? 
Bull airs Tuesday Nights @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time