Empire (S04E03) "Evil Manners"

Dwicious is on the tread mill, running. Claws is gone, temporarily. She’s left an extensive list of instructions with the family. They comply, glad she’s gone! 
Dwight wants to get better…and remember. He wants to know about “the devil”  his mama called him. Cookie shuts down the inquiry. Later he sits with Jamal.   They talk. It was good and one of the better exchanges of the episode.  
Across town, Angelo is drunk and he’s a nasty drunk! Mama Diana  puts him in check. She’s on a mission to destroy the loathsome creatures of the (new) Wizard of Oz.  The one with the brains is the Scarecrow; Andre. The Tinman=2764 - Empire (S04E03) "Evil Manners" is Jamal and she particularly liked the Cowardly Lion =Hakeem. He may surprise her in the end and I look forward to it!  Any doubt, she’s the wicked  witch?!
Jamal & Thirsty sneak Lucious into Empire, per request.  He still feels disconnected and wants to know this Lucious person.  He’s curious & likes the candy in the jar, too.
Shine shows up. Dwicious calls him “Moonshine” Why? This may be self explanatory to some, but not to me. I wanna know.   Shine realizes Lucious is not whole and  recovered. “He’s slow now, uh,” Jamal hurries his dad out. Ya’ll don’t want Shine to know the depth of this loss, do’ya?! 😓 #dangerwillrobinson. 
The episode is peppered with Cookie’s prison flashbacks & Lucious’ burst of violent recalls. It continues to make him shake and run. I don’t know how long this kinder,  gentlemanly Lucious will last, so I’ll simply enjoy this man until…the next incarnation   
Andre is so over his head. *sigh and its not attractive. He remains suspect in the Vegas case.  He shows up on Police grounds,  “Perspiring, out of breath & obviously lying” as perceived by Pamela Rose. “You disappoint me Fredo” is all I can think about when I see him,  now.  
Becky continues to be in charge, although Anika’s back. Their exchange should be interesting if Anika wants to return. 
Because Cookie promised 20 album drops, she & Andre meet the Executive of Corp spending of a high end financial institution. They want $100M. He denies the line of credit. He’s also Diana’s cousin #dubois  
A “Cookie darling” from Diana @ a Girl Power photo shoot,brings the two together at long last!  Her $$$ dilemma touches the ladies and they chip in, meeting more than her needs! Diana is visibly annoyed  #pissed  
Andre realizes Pamela is watching him from across the street.  She has binoculars. He strips, she strips.  And right here, I’ll  make my weekly inquiry, Where’s ‘Nessa?!  1f3a4 - Empire (S04E03) "Evil Manners"♩  Shine ain’t even talkin’ about her! 🤔 #cricketnoise
Jamal tells Warren about Lucious’ loss of memory #badidea
And Dwicious is found painting the walls with Bella’s water colors. It relaxes him.
This episode feels like filler. ‘Not one of my favorites. ‘Looking forward to next week.  
Empire airs, Wednesday’s @ 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time