NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset"

Two men have made it to N”Awlins. Their jeep is sideswiped by a SUV and plunges into the water. The passenger survives by sucking air from the tires.  He gets away. The prep is shooting at him, from the bank.. The driver  is dead. “Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom!” 
Dwayne has been reigned in. He has to answer to the Deputy Director now, before during and after a case. He’s on a tight lease. No mo’rogue and independent decisions.  This last about minutes. Enter FBI Top Dog, Isler (Derek Webster) He’s back and as stiff as ever…or is he?
Isler shows up when his new Gregorio, 2.0, Terra Barnes meets Gregorio. They drew guns on each other.  The FBI and NCIS tracked the digs of the SUV that ramed the jeep into the drink. They’re on the same side again-apparently.  

Alexander Petrov is on the run. He’s defecting.  A digital bug was in the jeep, tracking erry move from ft Lauderdale.  Isler is doing counter intelligence…he went rogue. Pride agrees to help; not only because a Yeoman was killed in this attack, he’s enjoying watching Isler be a cowboy!
Eva’s back! (Cassidy Freeman)…and in orange. She’s retired & won’t help. She is apparently a key to finding Alexander.  Isler threatens her continued “no” Pride calls in his favor. She owes him. “okay” But she wants back in the field. I already know where this was going. Nobody wants to ride with Eva. Gregorio volunteers.  Eva flirts. They’re cute, actually. #potential 1f495 - NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset" 1f60a - NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset" 
Sonya is riding with Lasalle in a “WTF” and “what did I miss moment.
Sonya’s throwing shade and continues to jab at him through out. They’ve got obvious issues…& heat! #tension you can cut with a knife! Sum’n needs to he talked about. He asked, she won’t! What happened? What did I miss?  1f914 - NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset" 
The episode was full of fascinating, exciting and “never saw that coming!”  I loved it.  Even the obvious was well done; the getaway and hideaway and the evitable shoot ’em up.  The revelation of the mole was no surprise. Yet the capture of the agent was the best!
Barnes, Gregorio 2.0  is the sleeper agent and mole! She fooled Isler and “erry”body! She shoots Eva 3 times! I screamed…”no!” then immediately went to the twitter feed. Nothing!  Eva’s down. Gregorio attacks. 
Gregorio goes to the morgue to see Eva and say “good bye”  Eva walks in yay”  with a new name & new life, with Sasha/Alexander, her brother! Sadly, she’ll never see Gregorio again.
They kiss & hug! 1f48b - NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset"1f917 - NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset"   

…But we know to  “Never say never!”
1f44f - NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset"1f44a - NCISNOLA (S04E03) "The Asset" Excellent! 

 NCiSNOLA (New Orleans) airs Tuesday Nights at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time