The Goldbergs (S05E03) “Goldberg on The Goldbergs”

Let’s start with the storyline where the meta title of this episode comes from. Adam and Barry go to battle during their PE class and Coach Mellor is allowing it. When Beverly finds out coach is turning her to boys against each other, she goes to coach Mellor to see what’s up. When the coach tells her that his brother also bullied him as a kid, and the two still aren’t on good terms, Beverly tries to bring the Mellor boys back together. She convinces coach Nick Mellor (played by Bill Goldberg) to come by his brother Rick Mellor’s class to make up. He shows up, but instead of making up, they play a game of scooter ball to determine which brother is the best. It’s younger brother vs. older brother, Rick and Adam vs. Nick and Barry. This leads to a hilarious scene with great moments between the competitive characters of Bryan Callen and Bill Goldberg, which eventually ends in a physical fight between the two. Beverly tells Adam and Barry that they shouldn’t be like the Mellor brothers when she is gone, so the Goldberg brothers make up and reassure Bev that she has nothing to worry about.
In this episode we also finally get to see some Gerica. With Erica at college and Geoff still in Jenkintown, they have to find a way to make their long distance relationship work. They talk on the phone for hours, and even fall asleep on the phone which means very high long distance charges on the phone bill. Erica tells Murray, but instead of getting mad, he’s fine with it: “It’s only money”. He explains to Pops that he’s happy that she’s inside wasting her time on the phone instead of going to parties. However, Erica gets pushed by her roommate and the RA to go to a frat party, and not be a BORF (Boyfriend Obsessed Reject Freshman). Geoff is fine with that, but when Murray hears about it, he convinces Geoff to go over there and stop her. Geoff gets the wrong idea though and instead of just stopping Erica to hang out with other guys at a party, he proposes to her. Erica obviously says no and when she finds out that Murray was the one that (sorta) put Geoff up to this, she wants both Murray and Geoff to leave. But right before they actually leave campus, Erica stops them and tells Geoff to stay. Murray leaves them alone because he realizes that Erica is growing up and that he is not the one to protect her anymore.
I loved this week’s episode. Both storylines were really great and had some hilarious moments. I love the dynamic between Rick and Nick Mellor. I’m glad that Bill Goldberg will return to the show in future episodes (as promised by Adam himself). I thought he was really funny, especially together with Bryan Callen, who is always hilarious.
The other storyline also had some fantastic scenes. I was happy to see some more of Gerica in this episode, and I’m glad that they are trying to get this long distance relationship to work. The ending of this storywas really nice too, with Murray realizing that Erica is not his little girl anymore, but that she’s all grown up now.
Both storylines ended with the usual heartwarming final scene, making this another fantastic episode of The Goldbergs.
The show’s next episode airs Wednesday October 18th at 8/7c on ABC.