Star (S02E03) "FUA…GoodNight!"

I must admit the title of this episode had me going.  I can only come up with an acronym, “F*@k U  Ayanna” (now) Good Night!”That’s my ruling and I’m sticking with it! Now on with our story:  
Derek is in Physical Therapy @ home. Alex is working with him. She’s not complaining. Bless her heart! 
Cotton is masturbating in the shower, remembering her jail bae.  Later, she’s pissed at mom & dad for keeping her out of the “daddy’s dead” but not loop. She calls ’em both liars. Then thanks, dad for the car, as she drives away.   
Big trouble is in a mall to find their sound;  courtesy of Ayanna. They’re performing at a food court. People keep eating. 
Alex has a “ratchet life” 1f3a4 - Star (S02E03) "FUA...GoodNight!"cutaway while performing at the mall. She’s having a breakdown apparently. Derek’s care, group stress (no sex) and the nightmare of Ayanna may be a little too much for the Princess. She’s also hiding that abortion. ‘Waiting for the other shoe to drop here. But for now, she throws her phone against the wall and later she smashes the mall’s speakers.  The vid of destruction, gets 200k hits, although no body at the food court listened.
Carlotta meets Maurice Jetter, (Lance Gross)  the new A/R guy. She wants producer approval. “Kill the mall gig first & we’ll talk” 
Jahil shows up & the girls are WTF?! #fakenews  He wants to be their producer. Star calls him dead weight. “Beat it”  He leaves to find Carlotta.  Jahil claims he has a (new) sound and a great track. He wants to work with her. She says no. It’s probably his nephew’s anyway. “Stay tuned”#thief
Ayanna continues to bait the girls. Noah’s performing & they’re his backup. Always rebellious, they weave independent solos & group harmony’ s  into his hit, ♩”Pull Up”♩ it actually wasn’t bad.  Yet he pulls Star to the side. “I ain’t the one!” He was slap close. I thought of Hunter. #RIP
In a bar, by coincidence (not) Jahil charms Ayanna. He peaked her interest, when he shares a recording. He suggests she call him. She has his number.   
The episode got really good and interesting at the end; of course it did: Star shows up @ Noah’s teases 1f48b - Star (S02E03) "FUA...GoodNight!"and walks away. 
Alex and Derek try a different way to meet sexual needs. “come closer ”  and I think she sat on his face.  ‘Not sure.   1f914 - Star (S02E03) "FUA...GoodNight!"
A man named Brody (Stephen Dorff) shows up and wants to see his daughter.  “Hi Star”  #daddyshome 1f917 - Star (S02E03) "FUA...GoodNight!" …and the episode got even better! 
Star airs Wednesday Nights, @ 9:00 p.m Pacific Time
Oh. And the girls get Producer Approval. 1f44a - Star (S02E03) "FUA...GoodNight!"  1f44f - Star (S02E03) "FUA...GoodNight!"   Excellent!