EXCLUSIVE Movie Review: "Death House"

“Hell isn’t a word, it’s a sentence.”    

“Death House” is one of THE most highly anticipated movie coming out in January. It has fans so excited….even as they were filming, fans had already flocked to the movie.

From an original story by the late Gunnar Hansen, screenplay by the awesomely talented Harrison Smith (“The Fields,” “Camp Dread,” Zombie Killers,” and most recently “Garlic and Gunpowder”), Harrison also directed this masterpiece. Yes, masterpiece. This will go down in horror history as one of the truly greats.

“Who prays for Satan, the original sinner?”

Set in a “special” prison, this story is a horror mind-fuck in the best way possible. This prison hold the worst of anything you could imagine.  I can’t begin to list the evil this place exudes.  The tour given to the the ones brought in is great. The Evils are wonderful. The cinematography by Matt Klammer is off the charts…each scene means something, so you have to watch close. The music is an uncredited character….perfectly done. Special effects are great…very realalistic. I don’t want to say much more. I’m a no spoiler zone.

“True Hell is nothingness”

Now lets talk about this amazing cast of horror’s who’s who. I have a new respect for all these actors. Dee Wallace is a cool know-it-all. Kane Hodder scares the fuck out of you. Sid Haig is calmly creepy. Micheal Berryman is quitely ominous…those are the ones you need to worry about. Bill Moseley is simply wonderful. Tony Todd is a very mysteriously creepy, quite guy. There are too many greats to list, but they ALL make an impact.

“Who prays for Satan, the original sinner?”

If you miss seeing this movie in a theater, you’re making a mistake. So, come January 26th, 2018, get your tickets in advance. Be a part of history, as so many of already are. You supported “Death House” while it was filming. You made others want….no, need to it. YOU need to see “Death House.”

 I love this movie. The acting is so spot on its unreal. The story is original, drawing you in further and further til everything else is gone. “Death House” is a true winner. Thank you to all who put their time and effort into this thing of horror beauty.
This review is dedicated to the late Gunnar Hansen, without whom this would not have been possible. Thank you.

gunnar hansen - EXCLUSIVE Movie Review: "Death House"