Good Behavior (S02E01) “The Heart Attack Is the Best Way”

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Wowzah! What a start to another phenomenal season! Written by Chad Hodge and directed by Mikkel Norgaard.
I felt as if we were being lead back into a mob movie with the way Javi and Letty were behaving.
“Just when I thought I was out, they PULL ME back in.” – The Godfather
godfather 2 just when i thought i was out they pull me back in godfather oct 16 17 - Good Behavior (S02E01) “The Heart Attack Is the Best Way”                       credit: @tumblr
Should I rephrase and say they just never got out of their respective businesses to begin with? Letty’s stealing and story-telling and Javi’s still killing people to support the family. (AWWWW, so Brady Bunch of them.) They are like an All-American family, almost.
Jacob scores brownie points with me early. “Can’t you just steal some?” Followed by, “Why can’t we use fake names?” – Jacob. He has grown accustom to the life his mother leads. Can you blame the kid? Letty makes everything seem so easy and lawful. Letty can’t be outdone! She shines through in this scene and proves why she deserves to be his mother. “We will have a REAL HOUSE, you will go to a REAL SCHOOL and you will have a NORMAL life.” My answer to that is, Jacob is already on that path. Letty and Javi (are learning) trying their damnedest to give that to you. He is truly loved and they’re trying to give him the best life and a real home. Something he’s never really had before except with Estelle.
Letty proves herself especially resourceful when the cops pull up in front of the house. The officer inquires why Jacob is not in school. Letty was all over him on that. She was reciting the Georgia law to him… Score Team Letty!
While in school, Jacob met a new friend. Her name is Apple. She wants him to go to her school. (How nice of her.) He invited them over for dinner, TONIGHT! “This is what you wanted.” Javier reminds Lettie. We see Lettie at the shopping mall (one of her favorite places to score free swag.) She also had to pick up some wine for Jacob’s meet and greet. As she opens up her trunk. “My husband went on a hunting and fishing trip.” – Letty. We see a dead body inside wrapped in garbage bags and duct tape. Javi…
I guess things haven’t changed, have they? I burst out with the biggest cackle when Letty tells Carin, “Javier was a philanthropist and also Gwyneth Paltrow personal chef. AND get this, she was stealing all Javi recipes.” (OH NO Letty didn’t! She did!) They wanted a simpler life now. HA!
Agent Lashever wants to know where Javi is… Javi calls someone on the phone. (no answer.) Jacob is playing with Apple. I am rolling my eyes now to this ‘faux friendship’. RUN Jacob RUN! She is asking him too many questions and keeps on digging for the truth. Letty and Carin are nice. Shame they can’t really be friends. Carin likes someone who doesn’t judge her. Me too Carin. Hard to find friends like that these days… My opinion on that family: Apple: Should mind her own business. Carin: is nice. Roger: Could be someone’s downfall.
What I didn’t get was why Letty was being mean to Javi, when she’s just like him? Girl, take a long hard look in the mirror. You might not like what you see staring back at you. In their darkest moments: Letty steals and tells the most fantastically made-up stories. Javi kills and we know why. To support himself and now his family. (Letty and Jacob). Letty wants protect her family and she’s worried about Javi. This whole thing about killing the guy is going to blow up in his face.  She asks Javi to text whoever is on the other end of that text back. “DONE.” They text back. “Get rid of the body.” Someone mysterious texts back.
Agent Lashever tells Christian (Letty’s parole officer), that she believes Letty and Javier are still together. REALLY? (sarcasm) She is digging too… Estelle is worried about Letty. (Motherly sixth sense kicking into gear!)
OUCH! Jacob calls Letty on her drinking. He doesn’t want anyone taking him away from her. (Poor kid!)
Javi knocks on the door. Silk, his BIL is dead, shot in the head! Javi has the horrible task of cremating his own BIL. Then he sets the funeral parlor un fuego! (ON FIRE). Get rid of all the evidence… smart thinking Javi. He is getting flashbacks of his dead BIL. He goes to see his sister Ava to tell her the news. “Silk…is dead.” (muerto). An accident. I really cannot believe Ava. She tells Javi that she “I told you me and the girls never wanted to see you again.” This is like a bad dream! What happened to his loving sister?
Javi leaves and goes back to see Lettie. He is broken. You want to hear the really bad news: Christopher told her Agent Lashever is going full force after him now!
Good Behavior: A Heart Attach Is The Best Way Random Thoughts:

  • Who exactly is after Javier? My Vegas money is on his vindictive Papi (1×7 ‘The Ballad of Little Santino’) after telling that story. He seems to want revenge on him badly. Second candidate: Jacob’s father. Third: Agent Lashever and FBI.
  • Is a Heart Attack the best way to kill someone? According to hit-man Javi it is.
  • Will Letty and Javi ever truly change their ways? (I say: MAYBE).
  • Will Jacob’s new friend Apple’s father cause TROUBLE. (I say: YES!).
  • Outstanding performances by Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego Botto, Terry Kinney, Lusia Strus and Nyles Steele!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first review of Good Behavior. A Heart Attack is the Best Way. Thank you.