Valor: Not Your Typical CW Show

At first glance, CW’s new show Valor looks like something that could be easily shown on any one of the major networks. Its youthful cast and penchant for using music over dialogue in climatic moments its only real stand outs from its predecessors.
The series centers on a United States Army base that is home to an elite special ops unit of helicopter pilots called Shadow Raiders. Military and personal lives blur when a mission to rescue what the team thought was a Somalian national was actually a presumed dead American soldier. Flashbacks show the pieces to a puzzle that we only get a taste of in the first episode.
We are introduced to Captain Leland Gallo (Hatfields & McCoys’s Matt Barr) who uses sex with subordinates to dull the pain of his failed mission.  His co-pilot Chief Warrant Officer Nora Madani (Blood Drive’s Christina Ochoa) injured in the opening failed mission that has left her dependent on pain meds while having to fight to get back in the air.
Rounding out the cast is Charlie Bennett as First Lieutenant Ian Porter the “boy scout” boyfriend of Nora Madani. W. Trè Davis as Staff Sergeant Jimmy Kam, the crew chief of the team and now prisoner of war being held in Somalia. One of the few nonmilitary characters is that of Jimmy’s wife Jess, played by Corbin Reid. Nigel Thatch as Colonel Robert Haskins, the commanding officer of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Also Melissa Roxburgh as CIA member Thea who has been brought in to investigate the failed mission and oversee the rescue of Jimmy and another captured soldier. Valor airs Mondays on the CW at 9/8c. valshowpages 06423f28 - Valor: Not Your Typical CW Show
Picture via CW Press