Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"

Two episodes, double entertainment and a AWESOME season finale.
Heads & drugs
Just another typical day in Nick’s life you know, collecting the infected heads, trading them in “El Matadaro” for drugs, nothing new. This is how we find our duet. Troy just tags alone and enjoys their little vacation, till he hears some men talking about the Dam and how are they planning on taking it. This instantly calls his attention and is quick to warn Nick that his mother is in danger. What’s the deal with Troy really? Is he really concerned? Has he developed some sort of twisted feelings with Madison and Nick? Im not sure I can read this guy pretty well.
fear 31 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"
A short road trip and new people
Our younger Clark is traveling with her new “friend” Diana, the fierce woman who is good with the pike axe. They are planning on going to the trading post and get some supplies and then just keep going to wherever. But suddenly they are hit by a car and a bunch of men tried to steal them. Not a good idea dudes, this two won’t let you go without a fight. Successfully they took down all the invaders, unfortunately Diana got hurt really bad in her leg, thus Alicia needs to take her to a doctor in the trading post. Here we have a little peek of this new dynamic and I might say it’s pretty interesting! I’d like to see more of this two fighting the Apocalypse.
fear 10 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"
Alicia took Diana to the doctor and we meet Dr. Eddie (portrayed by James Le Gros), who apparently lost his licence due “a misunderstanding with a lady patient”. The young Clark is quick to warn him no to have “this” misunderstanding with her lady friend.
Dr. Eddie is impressed by Alicia’s medical skills which were a big factor on saving Diana. He asks her if she would interested in being his assistant in a surgery, she doesn’t seem quite sure about it, reminding him she has not formal training in the field but he assures her that he only needs her to pass the tools and keep the patient calm. She ended up accepting, not really knowing who this “patient” is.
Scotch and sorrows
At the Dam Madison and Strand are enjoying and old scotch while talking about different things. The older Clark is concern about her kids, which is understandable. She tells Victor how she imagined her life if it wasn’t for the apocalypse, how she imagined a Christmas dinner with her kids also with kids, all cozy and happy. She thought she could’ve had that at the ranch but everything went to shit. Strand tries to comfort her that she still can have that (at this point we know what what’s the deal with him and the proctors of the trading post).
Also at the Dam, the old Salazar is mourning his daughter’s dead and trying to understeand how it happened. He knows there’s must be someone to blame about it. He had little talk with Taqa, who couldn’t gave him a straight answer or at least the one he was looking for.
fear 14 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"
Some comes and some goes
Finally Nick and Troy arrive to the Dam and warn everyone about the upcoming attack. Now they need to get ready, Troy offers to install the C4 bombs in case they are needed, Daniel doesn’t seem fond about it (and I have to agree with him in this one) but there’s not much time to think, they need to get ready ASAP.
Taqa and Crazy Dog decided to leave and go to the north, saying they heard some of their people are there. We don’t share an emotional “goodbye”, but a “it was nice working with you” kind of goodbye with Madison.
fear 61 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"
If things weren’t all peachy between Mom and son. Her knowing that Nick is back on drugs doesn’t make things easier, specially with everything that is going on.
While is Nick is looking for something to eat, Strand appears in the kitchen and spills all the beans. Including that he asked the proctors to spare him, Madison and Alicia. So there’s not so much to discuss and Nick goes to find Madison and Troy who are currently installing the bombs. What a scene for this two, one of the most weird and twisted relationship in the whole show so far.
There’s a strange tension between those two. Troy is not a regular guy (what an understatement), so is difficult to put a name on what are his feelings or emotions towards Madison. Not gonna lie, for a moment there there was a “sexual” tension if you may, when he was helping Madison to put the bombs on the wall. And given he has mommy issues, an Edipo complex wouldn’t be so far from what’s going on here.
fear 51 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"
Looking for the truth
Nick didn’t go to far in looking for her mom. He ran into Daniel who invetes him “politely” to sit down and answer some questions. As we saw before we knew Salazar wasn’t convinced that the hord was a pure accident or coincidence, someone must’ve had to lead it and his suspicious are towards Troy (Daniel is just too smart). The tension rised pretty quickly, as expected Nick denies any relation within the hord and Troy, but he is not convincing enough, things seemed to go violent till he breaks and lies like a champ. He blames Jake “a dead man”, well played Nick. Im not sure Daniel believed the whole story but at the end he let him go.
Nurse Alicia Clark
Back at the trading post our adventurous Alicia finally meets the head of the place, his name is John (portrayed by Ray McKinnon) and he is the boss and owner. They exchanged a little back story on how he created this place, his past as a gang of bikers and his plans for the future, the only thing impeding him for going forward is a tumor in his spine that is making him unable to walk.
Alicia finds herself with a quite interesting and different kind of people in a short time. So far it seems simple, she would act as a nurse and help Dr. Eddie to perform the surgery, but John warns them if anything goes wrong his people has the order to kill them. Mmmm not pressure at all!
Our fierce Alicia managed to kept John calm during the procedure and fortunately all went well. But now she seems to be stuck with him and has to act as his personal nurse. In what did you get yourself into Alicia?
fear 7 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"
An unexected turn of events
When Nick gets to Madison and Troy and tell them they need to run because Daniel is suspecting of Troy. She asks him why and the truth comes out.
The last of the Ottos confessed he leaded the hord and he would do it again in a heartbeat, he doesn’t regret it and Madison just had enough (this I wasn’t expecting it) in quick move she hits Troy with a hammer straight to his temple and kills him. WOW! So yeah, that’s the end of our psyco Troy Otto, not the end I was hoping actually, even tho it was a surprised. Guess who is shocked and not happy at all? Yep, it’s definitely Nick! Oh boy if things weren’t complicated already.
And just to continue with the violence, Strand is decided to continue with his plan and in order to do that he needs to take down Lola and Daniel. He got the advantage with a gun. For a moment Daniel defies Victor to hand over the gun telling he is not a murderer only a smuggler. Salazar takes advantage of this struggle and tries to take the gun, Strand fights back and fires the gun hitting Daniel’s half cheek, OUCH! Well Daniel was right he couldn’t actually kill and Victor let them run.
fear 92 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"
This episode ends with Victor hiding Madison and Nick from the proctors who already got to the Dam.
fear 81 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"
The ones we lost: Troy Otto and Efrain Morales
What else could happened?!!!!
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