Lucifer (S03E03) "Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith"


It’s this season’s third episode and I think we all were really pleased to have our beloved Mazikeen back with some much-deserved screen time. And I need to say: my Maze and Linda ‘shipping’ heart loved the opening scene between these two strong female characters a lot.
While Chloe and Lucifer stay in Los Angeles, Maze decides to go on another bounty hunting trip – this time taking us with her to Canada. However, she doesn’t get to leave without her “little human”-friend trying to hide in her luggage to go with her and “cover her back”. This scene, to me, was more than heart-warming. I really love the semi-motherly role Maze seems to play in Trixie’s life while still being the fun friend and someone the little girl can look up to.
Over the past two episodes, we’ve always seen Linda and Chloe being in touch with Maze and keeping up with her. However, in this episode, we get to see a worried Chloe hover over Maze’s every single move like an “overprotective mother”, as Lucifer points out. Although she herself says that she is not worried about Maze, rather about Canada being in danger because of her.
Chloe and Lucifer work from the precinct to cover Maze’s back, finding out that her suspect has been receiving help and money from his attorney, who then mentions that Rivers is not only charming and handsome but also that Maze could be defenseless against him.
Meanwhile, our favorite demon manages to meet up with Rivers, her person of interest, who not only tries to charm his way out of being caught but also tells her she’s a “runner”, just like him (which then is beautifully brought back up at the end of the episode). Unexpectedly, Rivers gets away, leaving Maze to track him done once again. Thankfully, Lucifer’s got her back, sending her the address and leading Maze right back to her bounty.
The case takes an odd turn when Rivers points out to Maze that he was framed and that the lieutenant who gave her case would most likely betray her just the way he betrayed Rivers. Which the lieutenant seemingly does when he takes over the case from Chloe, resulting in a hitman knocking on Rivers’ door and opening fire on him and Maze. This ends in Maze calling Linda for a medical consult as it turns out that Rivers has been shot and Maze wants to help him recover which Lucifer bluntly comments with “he broke my Maze”, as she seems to have grown fond of her bounty.
Mazikeen saves Rivers from his gunshot wound and is then surprised by Dan showing up on her doorstep as Chloe had been worried something might have happened to Maze, sending her ex-husband to check on her roommate and her bounty. While Maze and Dan catch up, however, Rivers manages to escape from Maze’s custody, leaving her and Dan to find him again. Which our beloved demon eventually does, saving Rivers’ life and quickly getting into trouble while doing so, of which she eventually gets out of with Dan’s help.
Towards the end of the episode, lieutenant Herrera gets arrested, freeing Rivers from all charges and giving him a chance at a new life. Before he leaves, he offers Maze to leave with him, to keep running away from the people who will still be hunting him. This connects the dots between the previous scene, in which he told her she has the soul of a runner. Trying to convince her to run away with him, he mentions that they are the same, with no roots nor family to go home to. It’s unclear if Maze even considers his offer (it looks more like she decides to give him a goodbye-kiss before going back home), however, the scene changes while Rivers still tries to convince her to go with him and we see Maze sitting at home, Linda sitting next to her and, as the camera pans out we see Chloe, Trixie, and Lucifer by her side as well. She’s welcomed back home by her friends who are more than that, they’re her family.
While Lucifer is often a show which confronts us with mystery, homicide cases, and humor, it is also a family show. Not in the traditional sense of the word but yet, in the end, all the main characters are one big family by choice rather than by blood. At the end, Maze says that she’s “right where she’s supposed to be”, with her loved ones, her roots, her family – at home. Not a runner at all.
I really have to say that I enjoyed this past episode of Lucifer very much. I’ve always loved Maze and dedicating an entire episode to her was really a blessing, as well as a beautiful way for her to achieve some valuable character development and depth.