Slasher (S02E01) "Six Feet Under"

Okay so with this being Netflix’s stab at giving us a second season to this amazing series, the theme of this season is Guilty Party. I know what your thinking, why ‘Guilty Party’ well I was wondering the same thing until I checked out the first episode of the eight episode run this season. But after this first episode you will understand who well built this season already has become, but lets get to this review.
So we are taken back five years ago which would make it around the 2012 year, when we meet our five main characters, Peter (Lovell Adams-Gray), Susan (Kaitlyn Leeb), Andi (Rebecca Liddiard), Dawn (Paula Brancati), and Simon (Kyle Buchanan) getting drunk having a great time during their stay as counselors at a summer camp. They bring in a new counselor, Talvender (Melinda Shankar) who also gets drunk with the five friends and feels like a part of the group. All six of them are having a great time, smashing watermelons with a bat and I feel like Talvender watched a bit too many episodes of the walking dead (cause she went full on Negan on that watermelon). The day then turns to night and we see the five friends carrying something wrapped in blankets; when they put the blankets down, Dawn unwraps the blankets so everyone can help bury Talvender’s body. When Dawn tells Peter to pick up the body, Talvender then wakes up thrashing beating Peter up, so Peter throws her down. They try quieting Talvender but everyone is very confused in what to do.
We are then cut to present day, what I’m thinking is 2017, and we see the five friends preparing to meet up to return to the spot where they committed the gruesome crime five years ago. Many are not too thrilled to return to the spot, especially since the guilt has been thriving them for so long. All what some of them want to do is have the crime put to justice. The five friends meet a man named Gene (Jefferson Brown) who guides them to the cabin they will be staying at. Once they get to the cabin, Gene chooses to stay to make sure these kids don’t do anything bad. Moments later Gene is hacked by a chainsaw slicing his body almost straight in half, quite gruesome but awesome.
Andi then remembers back in 2012, when she first introduced Talvender to one of the counselor’s and boyfriend to Andi; Peter. Talvender then starts feeling a romantic connection to Peter and starts flirting with him but Andi doesn’t make too much of it, just thinking Talvender is just trying to make friends. Andi mentions to Talvender about a slasher flick they are going to be watching later on in the night. But when Andi and Peter walk away Talvender begins having jealousy run through her veins.
Cutting back to present time, which yes during the first episode it does this quite a lot, most likely to reveal what truly happened that night and to explain why they have to find Talvender’s body. Yes they do explain why they cam back to the location, which is because of a resort that is going to be built in those woods. When Andi and Peter have time to talk and think things through, Peter really thinks turning themselves in would be a fantastic thing to do cause they would be going to the same jail, but Andi puts some realistic in the thought giving the real conclusion in what would have to happen in order for both of them to see each other.
In the end of the episode, Andi is killed by a hooded assailant, but you can’t see who is under the hood. I guess its one of the many mysteries of this season that will be uncovered eventually. Although I love how they did Andi’s death because after the blood splattered in the snow and they zoomed the camera out for that wide shot. It looks like Andi’s body was laying in the snow with blood snow angel wings which is beautiful in a gothic way I guess. We are then taken back to 2012, where we see the final moments in who really was about to say quits on burying Talvender and who wasn’t. Only to find out Andi is the one who did the finishing blow to Talvender killing her with a giant stone smashed into her face. Talk about a gruesome and quick way to finish someone off, you didn’t want to mess with Andi back then. But with Andi now being the first victim of the five friends, who will be next? Find out by watching the show and seeing my reviews/recaps of the season!
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