Bull (S02E04) "The Illusion of Control"

…or “If I can’t control it…I don’t like it!”
The episode begins with people cheering, applause, cameras & Amaya Andrews. (Cara Buono) She’s getting a star on the Walk of Fame. A black man jumps the velvet rope crying. “He’s mine!” He’s pinned down by her guards. 
Amaya comes to see Bull with Alexander, her son.  He’s black with a really big afro. He’s cute.  The baby daddy of her baby boy; adopted @ age 3 from an Ethiopian Orphanage, wants him back.  International adoption. Although her attorney is with her she asks Bull, “What shall I do?”  He suggest she settle out of court. Sit down with Alexander ‘s father & work it out. “Shared custody” Something along the lines of summer’s in Ethiopia would work.   It’s the best for all concerned & she’ll get Brownie Points. She kissed him in gratitude as she leaves.
And then 9 weeks later. Amaya is back. She’s wearing shades, sitting in the dark in Bull’s office. The baby daddy never called, wrote nor brought him back, as he agreed to before she let him take Alexander! They’re in Ethiopia now, where there is no extradition She’s pissed. He’s gone & It’s Bull ‘s fault! She’s suing. She’s taking everything that matters to him.  
Bull is blasted by every social media and @ every turn. Amaya’s “America’s Sweetheart”…in every way! 1f495 - Bull (S02E04) "The Illusion of Control" Bull’s broken her heart!  
He goes to see Atty Getman. (Brad Garrett & he looks mah.ve.lous ;all  6″8 of him!) He’s eating in his office, it’s a deli. Really?!  What’s up?! What happened?! WHY?! But he’s Bull’s hero, from back in the day, although they’ve never met! He’s Getman’s  #1  fan. Bemy thinks, he looks like a very bad shoe salesman and no doubt smells like deli meat; but he’s Bull’s choice 
Back at T>A>C, Getman wows the team with his charismatic and legal waxing style. #wordsmith Bull loves it and jumps in with ideas. Getman tells him to back up, sit own, shut up… hands off.  He doesn’t “need the help of a brass egomaniac.” *snap!  The team agrees, he’s too close.  Bull’s not happy.   
In the meantime, Danny goes to Africa to find baby daddy. She finds paperwork (after breaking into his home) and needs it translated. She calls Cable and through various channels they get it done.  All they need to do now is find Alexander and his dad; then call the police! This, along with some very interesting  revelations in the childhood of Marissa…well when the verdict comes in, it’s in Bull’s favor 
When I first saw the title of this eppy, I was excited! We speak of this “Illusion of Control” often in my day to day.  Personally, I realize, with so many variables; it simply behooves us to stay in the flow and trust, “all things are coming together for good”  and sometimes, “I need do nothing”  other than #trust the people around me!  But Bull needs to learn this, all on his own! And he does
For example, he’s jailed for contempt. He won’t stop talkin’ …and giving instructions… and objecting!   #shutup and #sitdown
It was a good episode. We’ve learned a little bit more about another cast member  (still waiting for Danny. and her Salsa partner news 1f615 - Bull (S02E04) "The Illusion of Control"Getman is introduced and I have hopes he’ll return.  He’s a simple man and simple is good!  We also find Bull is human and can get mad, fighting mad; like a bull!  No Starch. He sincerely apologizes to Getman for his attitude  Getman accepts & simply wants his money! 
And we’ve finally  returned to the jury questions. It been forever! “Do you believe in fate?” I’ve missed these brain teasers and cobweb shakers, “Is a hotdog a sammich?!” remains my fav
Bull airs, Tuesday Nights, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Sidebar: The music this season is  1f525 - Bull (S02E04) "The Illusion of Control" “Fame” ♩1f3a4 - Bull (S02E04) "The Illusion of Control" (David Bowie) beats in the background as the eppy ends. I’m enjoying the selections #rockon