Fear The Walking Dead (S03E16): "Sleigh Ride"

The season finale is here!!!
What a ride we had. This last season of FearTWD is now at the same level as its matrix show The Walking Dead, for those who are still doubtful about it, give it a chance you WONT regret it.
Thus they delivered us a well deserved finale for this season.
Remember Madison’s talk with Strand about an ideal Christmas dinner with her family, all happy and cozy? Well here we are presented with a pretty interesting flash-sideway about it. I think is a really creative way of showing the demons, fears and outcomes of Madison’s actions. First we see her welcoming Nick and Luciana with a baby, but then they approache what it seems a big cementery and in one of the stones is Alicia’s name, WOW.. wait there! I hope they are not hinting anything. Later on as the episode developes we have another of this flashes of a warm dinner with the Ottos, Taqa, Coop and then Strand joins them with a bunch of Christmas gifts. And suddenly everything starts going to hell, slowly Madison’s reality is shown in this “scene”. Most of what we can take from this “sideway-flashes” is the deaths and “possible” consecuencies produced by Madison’s actions and desitions so far.
fear e - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E16): "Sleigh Ride"
Alicia and the proctors
The first group already attacked the Dam, and now their leader John is going there with more men and his personal nurse, Alicia. At the dock they meet with Strand and John isn’t happy about the casualties and how Victor handled things. So now it seems that all his plans went to the trash.
Strand and Alicia make an exchange of looks, and when she has the chance she asks him about her mother and brother whereabouts, he gives her a quick update.
fear f - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E16): "Sleigh Ride"
Mom & Son
We were left of with Madison and Nick hiding from the proctors, but let’s not forget that Madison killed Nick’s new bff. For whatever reason he’s been protecting and justifying Troy’s actions, and now her mother took him away. “Where’s the limit?” asks Nick. His mother tells him there was not choice, she needed to put him down already. And he defies his mother, telling her maybe she’ll have to do the same with him, that this world is made for her. He knows how to make her angry and get to her nerves.
With this two it seems one step forward and ten backwards. No wonder Alicia always tried to stay away from them.
Making new deals
John figures Alicia must know Strand and asks her about it. She comes clean about it and begs John to spare her family, given that Victor’s deal is not longer on the table. John agrees only if the goes with him to Texas, so Alicia must accept this proposal. Which sadly it didn’t last long due to one of the procters saw Troy hearing their conversations at the trading post, it wasn’t too difficult to the math and figures that him and Nick were the responsables of warning Daniel and the rest about the upcoming attack.
John is practical man as far as we can see, you mess with him and you’ll regret it. So he orders to kill all them, Alicia included. Guess the nurse job was quite short. And from here things escalated very quickly.
La reina del agua
Lola left Daniel hidden and went to look for Efrain, sadly he was not longer in this world. This men took her kingdom and she is left alone to defend it. When everyone were walking on the bridge about to execute the Clarks and Strand. Lola starts shooting the proctors, unfortunately John came to put an end to it. RIP Lola Guerrero aka La Reina del Agua.
fear g - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E16): "Sleigh Ride"
Booms & goodbyes
After taking down Lola the next step for John is to execute the Clarks and Strand. He is nice enough to let them say their goodbyes. Seeing the Clarks giving a big hug and be ready to die went straight to my heart. Then Nick hugs Victor as well.
When everything seems lost we heard gun shots and the proctors start falling one by one. Taqa and Lee to the rescue with a sniper. This buys some time for our characters. Nick takes advantage and pulls out the detonator he took from Victor while he was hugging him.
fear a - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E16): "Sleigh Ride"
John calls him out and says he is just bluffing. Nick insists he is going to detonate the bombs unless he frees his mom, Alicia and Strand. John cant risk any more so he let them go.
This is the time Nick was talking about with Madison, about the limit, about the tough decision she would have to make at some point. This farewell really is sad and we are not sure how are they gonna escape this, given how many we lost already. At the end Madison, Alicia and Victor go to the boat.
A little cliché but still needed, the boat starts malfunctioning and Nick is losing time. Taqa and Crazy Dog keeps shooting at the procters from afar and John is losing his patience.
Alicia, Madison and Strand are still close to the Dam, they are running out of time too. John is about to take Nick but he presses the bottom. And BOOM the structure starts breaking little by little.
fear d - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E16): "Sleigh Ride"
John and the rest of his men starts evacuating. Nick is left alone watching how his family is trying to escape, but out of nowhere the old and tough Salazar takes down a few more men and takes Nick out of there.
The Dam is falling apart and is dragging the boat with it. There’s a too much tension there, we were sitting on the edge of the chair waiting to see the outcome, sadly the current is too strong and drags the boat.
The river is flowing, the people from the villages are collecting water and the only person we see is Madison getting out of the water, then credits.
Ok.. and now of course WHERE ARE THE REST?
I hope you enjoyed as much as I did with this season, we gain a bunch of characters and we lost as much.
So many questions for the upcoming season. Cant wait for next year!