Mr. Robot (S03E01) "eps3.0_power-saver-mode.h"

Review: Mr. Robot is back and I’ve been excited about that for the past week, so much that I didn’t even watch the episode! Thing is, I actually ran out of time to watch any shows for the past week, but today I knew I needed to get to it!
The third season actually picks up where season 2 ended, which, if you read any articles while waiting for new episodes, you knew already. Well, to be more specific, the episode opens up as an introduction – let’s call it that – to a new character Irving (Bobby Cannavale), an alleged detective, who is also possibly connected to Dark Army. Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom) ends up calling him as panic takes effect in him in order to save Elliot (Rami Malek) from … Well, dying.
Irving seems weird to say the least, but he is also a well connected person with a lot of power, which is obvious when he helps Elliot and Darlene (Carly Chaikin) from getting chased. He did that to protect them, which is obvious, but also because he knows Elliot. The problem is that Elliot doesn’t know Irving, though. Actually, he thinks he doesn’t know him. Irving is, of course, connected to Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) – Elliot’s alter ego.
Elliot then tries to undo what Mr. Robot did in season 2 (created a Stage 2 plan) by seeking haven in Angela’s (Portia Doubleday) arms, asking her to help him snap out of that mentioned alter ego. He proceeds to kiss her, for the second time in the series. And I do have a comment on that! I always liked Angela and Elliot, I know that TV shows often push male and female characters who are supposed to be only friends – into romantic relationships. I also know we’re tired of that. Yet … While Angela is indeed a cold character, with (possibly) her own agenda, even Elliot expresses the fact that he loves her and cares deeply about her. Having said that, I need to say that I like the idea behind Angela and Elliot becoming more.
However … While Elliot trusts her, Mr. Robot doesn’t and neither do I. She ends up connecting with Mr. Robot, saying that she can indeed tell him apart from Elliot, but it is obvious that she has no intention in helping Elliot stay sane. She instead makes business, while Elliot isn’t sane, with Irving and possibly the Dark Army/Whiterose. Ugly move.
If I talk about Angela further … I am usually all up for character development, but hers I am sceptical of. Going from a small, quiet mouse that constantly looked away from the ugly business that Elliot (AKA Mr. Robot) was in to being who she is now – a major manipulator who cannot be trusted and who is indeed a part of a lot of ugly business. Do I buy it? No. She doesn’t strike me as a badass, strong character. I think she is scared and trying to be stronger than she actually is. That’s only my point of view, though.
So, Whiterose. Whiterose IS the China’s president, the China’s president IS Whiterose. I hinted at that before … There is no doubt in that anymore. It hasn’t been expressed verbally, but it’s more than obvious.
What else … The episode adressed the common issues of this year, including footage of Trump. I loved that. I believe that TV shows have to be careful with including political material and views, but this is the ONE view that the entire world should agree on (though we don’t, I know!) And they also had a little “tribute” to characters that passed away – my beloved Gideon, the poor Shayla and now … Cisco sadly joined the list.
It was a great episode, isn’t that obvious? And luckily, there’s going to be more – the second episode landed in our arms this week already. I will be watching it and publishing a review soon, so do make sure you’re on board to this amazing adventure.