Slasher (S02E02) "Between Good and Evil"

So with this episode it continued right where we left off in episode one but after watching the first episode I’m starting to see a pattern in seeing who is going to be killed off in each episode. Given that last episode was trying to not focus on Andi (Rebecca Liddiard) but did so anyway and with this episode being mainly focused on Susan (Kaitlyn Leeb) leading up to the moments of her time being out there with her friends now. Its a given that they are going to do a main focus on each character that they plan on killing off in that certain episode.
Given that, this episode showed more of a stressed and determined Susan (Kaitlyn Leeb) to get out of the woods and get back home to her babies and her husband Luke (Simu Liu) but in horror and thriller stories we all know that people like that don’t live for long. After getting word from Antoine (Christopher Jacot) that Gene had been murdered as well and the gas had been cyphered from the motored vehicles to keep everyone isolated up in those two cabins. Susan and Noah (Jim Watson) both choose to leave and walk to Gene’s cabin to get to the SUV and get out.
Peter (Lovell Adams-Gray) and Dawn (Paula Brancati) choose to stay behind because going out there at night is exactly what the killer wants. So Dawn tries reassuring everyone by revealing to them she has a gun that she brought with her. Even after revealing that, Susan and Noah still gave it their best to try and walk back to Gene’s cabin which is a 30k walk.
Its not long until Noah starts not being able to feel his legs and Susan is having to help carry him. The two of them are having to run for their lives from a pack of wolves that are hunting them down. The two of them eventually realize they have been walking in circles which is pretty fun for those wolves, I mean it would’ve given them a great snack. Eventually Susan and Noah return to Antoine’s cabin revealing what they tried attempting.
In a flashback part of the episode leading closer and closer to the events that lead to Talvinder’s (Melinda Shankar) death. We found out that it was Susan who helped Andi start devising a plan after showing Andi that her boyfriend Peter was having sex with Talvinder in the woods probably on his counselor’s shirt cause he didn’t have it on and why do it on the dirty woods ground if you can have a mat or some clean thing to lay on while having a sexual time of your life.
I have to be honest though with this episode it makes you understand why all five of these friends chose to kill and apparently to what Dawn had mentioned burn Talvinder’s body to death. Back to present day after now the four friends were put under house arrest Susan starts to attempt again to walk the 30k to Gene’s cabin only to be apprehended by the killer. The killer then chooses to take a sharp pole to stab out Susan’s eyes to blind her so she wouldn’t see what would happen next. After the killer snaps Susan’s neck leaving her strapped to a chair next twisted and eyes gashed out the others in Antoine’s cabin finds Susan’s body sitting right outside of their cabin.
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