The Gifted (S01E03) “eXodus”

What a fantastic episode! The third entry to this season definitely did not disappoint. Some serious dilemmas were raised for multiple characters, challenging their moral fortitude in their own unique ways.
Before things got too crazy, we are treated to a flash back of Polaris and Eclipse. Not only does it capture the tender beginnings of their relationship, but we get an excellent display of their abilities. Once again the CG is not only believable, but the perfect cherry on top of the cast’s performances. Emma Dumont has another shining moment later in the episode as Polaris attempts to escape her confinement. Even with her considerable strength, she is unable to get past the damage her restraints inflicted. One can be sure though, Lorna Dane will never give up.
In an almost shocking move, Claire urges her children to flee in the middle of the night to their Uncle’s for possible aid through his important connections. The kids express their concern, but are eventually convinced to go along. When they arrive the reception is not nearly as warm as they had hoped, meeting the same apprehension that mutants do world wide. The Strucker’s learn that family can unintentionally fail you, even when their intentions are pure. Though it was nice to see the familial acceptance in the end, we can only hope that our rag tag group will learn to not take such risky moves with out thoroughly discussing with everyone.
As for Reed, his trial was how far he was willing to go to secure his families safety. In the beginning his resolve seems unwavering, assuring the agents that he is willing to go the distance regardless of the outcome for anyone else. However, when it comes down to jeopardizing a mother and her son, Reed’s kinder nature takes over as he sacrifices his chances for them. He certainly knows how to spin things his way, but only time will tell if he can make it out of this.
Another interesting and hard hitting moment comes when Dreamer (Elena Satine), makes the decision to use her powers, even though Thunderbird was adamantly against it. Dreamer has the ability to implant and manipulate memories, which comes with immense responsibility. She chooses to give Blink something that would allow her to focus her power; a memory of love for ThunderBird. While this tactic is successful to a degree, it creates a debate on ethics. Is it right to manipulate someone’s mind if it is for the greater good? How much is too much? It is clear we will see the ripples effect the Mutant Underground in future episodes, so it is guaranteed that more turbulence is on the way.