Fresh Off The Boat (S04E03) "Kids"

With Jessica and Louis sees that Eddie might be grown up to get them out of “kid jail,” they live like it was no tomorrow (in their own way). Plus Eddie and Alison have a hard time telling Evan the truth about them breaking up.
Just when Jessica and Louis thought that when Eddie was making his “suicide soda” and taking it to the living that he might make a huge mess, but they thought wrong. As they see for themselves, Eddie made no mess and used a coaster. With them thinking that Eddie has grown up, Jessica and Louis decides to bring back their first couch that they got in 1982 and soon after that they decide to go out and live like there was no tomorrow: having dinner and Karaoke with Honey and Marvin.
But that idea wen south when Honey and Marvin tells them that they were planning to have a baby. With shock, Jessica and Louis decides to get them to think that having a baby was a bad idea and pushed Marvin to stop the reverse vasectomy. But on their second night of dinner and karaoke, Honey and Marvin were Karafighting with songs like “All That She Wants” and “RESPECT.”
But after Marvin tells Honey how Jessica and Louis showed him what parents with kids look like, Jessica and Louis apologies and tells Marvin and Honey that they should have a child as it’s their choice not Jessica and Louis.
Meanwhile, after their break up last week, Alison still comes over to Eddie’s house to hang with Evan. Eddie and Alison agrees to tell Evan that they shouldn’t be hanging out anymore, but it really turns into two parents trying to confront him before telling him the news, which he didn’t take too lightly and ruined the white couch as payback.
Also, Emery and Grandma Jenny try to use his bad luck for good and to get back at her enermies from distorying old gifts that she’s gotten to winning over an enemy at a retirement home game night.
“Kids” was a very good and hilarious episode. The Louis and Jessica story was hilarious as usual. Randall Park and Constance Wu really stole the episode with a lot of scenes from confronting Eddie about him growing up, talking about how they can do things without kids and even the karaoke scenes as well. The Eddie, Alison and Evan story was good at times along with Emery and Jenny too. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.
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