Scorpion (S04E04) "Nuke Kids On The Block"

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Episode 4 had a little of everything to appease to the different needs of the audience.  We follow team scorpion into one of their most difficult case yet. But before they embarked on the case we first see Cabe,Toby and Sly interview different lawyers to appoint one to represent Cabe. We see different types of lawyers some amusing but none of them suitable to represent Cabe and the only candidate who seemed qualified enough to represent him was too expensive for them to afford.
We also learn that Happy has been third wheeling quite a lot on Walter’s and Paige’s dates which seems quite weird.Paige confronts Walter on it and tries to get him to talk to her in which Walter informs her it’s a bad idea. Paige disregards what Walter tells her and tries talking to Happy , which results to a misunderstanding  arising and later  this will create a hindrance in the case.
As for the case the team was to repair worn out parts in a nuke but due to Happy’s and Paige’s bickering Happy dropes a wrench which puncures a whole in the nuke , releasing it’s fuel which emits poisonous fumes. This isn’t their only problem since the leak would ca use an explosion.
The team comes together and formulates a plan to solve the problem which results to Happy, Paige coming together to save Walter and at the same time working out their problems. In all the scorpion cases nothing comes that easy and as always things get really bad , forcing the team to come up with better solutions.
The team decides to launch the nuke knowing it wouldn’t detonate but things go awry . The nuke is released but the team realises it would detonate in which the team finds no solution to it. This results to Cabe finding a way to track the missile which shocks the team and earns him Toby’s admiration as he had been giving Cabe a hard time on his new scorpion position which is one of the reason why we like Toby. He is amusing and hilarious with his qups. 
Happy managed to prevent the bomb from exploding just in the nick of time but before she did it , we saw the team come together and give her moral support. We also saw Walter shield Paige with his body when he thought the explosion would happen as much as it was sweet it was also stupid for a guy with a 197 IQ.
I’m glad that we got to see Patty again in this episode seeing how confident and set she is in contrast to Sly is always fun to watch and she is helping Sly turn into a better politician by the day which is a bonus. It’s intresting to see how intimidated Sly is of Patty. Sly almost misses the meeting to raise money for his science group but in under 3 minutes he walked in offered the council a method that’d save them thousands of dollars anually while he only required 6000 dollars . This impressed Patty a lot as we see her high five him while he walks out. 
With the rush he still felt from getting his idea approved Sly suggests to the team he could be Cabe’s lawyer.  At first the team is skeptical but he confidently gave multiple reasons why and how he could make it happen thus impressing the team on how far he has come . 
We see the topic of Happy’s intrest in kids resurface in this episode as she finally tells Toby she wants to have one with him . Toby being the supportive loving husband he is agrees to it and let’s face it despite then having had terrible childhoods we know they’d make terrific badass parents.
Walter reveals to Paige his fear of her getting bored by him which is why he let Happy tag along. Walter has come a long way and his progress is remarkable , as we get to see his caring side as much as it needs getting used to its also endearing. The episode ends in a disastrous date which in real sunse was quite what Walter needed for assurance that Paige would never get bored of him. The date ends with them sharing a kiss out of the restaurant which was romantic and an amazing way to end the episode for us Walter and Paige shippers.
The episodes get better week by week but we hope we get to see more of Happy and Toby’s marital relationship and Ally’s and Cade’s too. As for Patty I hope this season has her appearing in more episodes as she’s quite a fresh addition to the series and we are yet to see how far Ralph’s crush on her will go.
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