Interview with Andrea Ware

Today, I had the privilege to be able to interview a fantastic actress from the television show I review, Van Helsing. For those who do not know, Ms. Ware plays the character Lucky on the television show who is a new character that has been added to this season of the series. This interview was truly an honor and privilege to be able to do with such a lucky lady. I hope you all enjoy reading!
Q 1) What’s it been like playing such a strong, independent, lucky (pun intended) character on the television series Van Helsing?
Hi Kevin, thanks for having me. Lucky is the most hardcore and coolest chick I’ve ever played. It felt amazing! The thing I love most about Lucky is she couldn’t care less about what other people think of her, she moves through this world making decisions that suit her. You can come along for the ride, or not.
Q 2) When you were first cast on Van Helsing series, did they tell you that your character’s name was going to be Lucky? Or did they ask you to make something up at first?
She’s always been Lucky!
Q 3) If your character Lucky, would ever meet Vanessa on the Van Helsing show, what do you think her thoughts would be upon meeting Vanessa? Would she like her? Would she want to punch her lights out for having Flesh talk on and on about her?
I think Lucky is intrigued by Vanessa, I’m not sure she fully understands what all the fuss is about, but she’s beginning to trust Flesh and she has good instincts. I think Lucky and Vanessa would make a pretty kick ass team!
Q 4) With coming into the series for its second season, did you have problems or a hard time on set while filming the episodes for Van Helsing?
I received such a warm welcome from everyone, I felt like I was joining old friends. Neil Labute our showrunner, Michael Nankin our director, and Vincent Gale who plays Flesh, all wrote to me personally before I started, and I was overwhelmed by their generosity of spirit. Everyday was special on that set, and it was the people who made it so.
Q 5) I know you probably can’t say much about upcoming episodes for Van Helsing because it wouldn’t be nice to give viewers spoilers, but I just have to know, do you think Lucky would ever hook up with Flesh? Or do you think she sees him as only a friend?
I can tell you one thing about Lucky; she’s an island! But she may have found someone she can begin to trust.
Q 6) Other than your character Lucky, if you could, would you play another character on Van Helsing? If so who would it be?
I love Axel, but I’m also curious about that new ninja. I like the element of mystery.
Q 7) Not related to the Van Helsing questions but with you playing a character named lucky, how lucky are you in general? Like are you very lucky like your character? Or are you every now and then lucky? Or not lucky at all?
My dad says you create your own luck, and I think his father told him that. I think I’m extremely lucky, but I work hard at it.
Q 8) With another episode coming on soon, what’s one word that you can say to describe the Van Helsing episode?
Q 9) If Lucky does survive throughout this whole second season and if the series is renewed for another season do you think you would be back to play the character again?
I adore her, I’m always down to be Lucky!
Q 10) Last Question cause I know you’re a busy lady, If you had to take one actor/or actress from Van Helsing series out on a night on the town who would it be and why?
Trezzo who plays Mohamad, because I know he’s got moves. He’s always dancing! I think we could all do with a good dance. it’s tough surviving an apocalypse.