Slasher (S02E03) "Saint Sebastian"

Okay so with this being the third episode, I’m pretty sure my theory on those who are going to be killed lies with who they open the episodes with every time. And whose back stories they reveal in each episode. Which is a pattern I thought wouldn’t happen in a show like this but I guess they would have to put some kind of pattern in a series.
So with this episode we got Antoine (Christopher Jacot) whose back story we got with being friends with Renee (Joanne Vannicola) since both of them were gay in their lives before the cabin. In the back story we got a lot out of the characters by revealing that its Renee’s father who owned the cabin during all seasonal weathers. And it was Renee’s idea for the two of them to go up there to create a community.
In the present Antoine loses his mind in this episode thinking everyone is a threat and no one is safe not even Renee. During his psychotic moments he revealed to Renee that Antoine knew about Talvender’s body and he took it from the spot where the five friends went in the first episode to retrieve it to bury it.
We also got a little bit of more details about dear Glenn (Ty Olsson) that he is a bit freaky especially when he told Noah (Jim Watson) to sleep in his room. Glenn locked himself in the bathroom and looked through the lock to watch Noah get undressed. If thats not freaky then I don’t know what is. But in the end of the episode Glenn did get what he deserved by cooking nothing but meat all the time in that cabin.
Most of the episode was focused on Antoine though, and with the first two episodes with Antoine being a really up ease kind of guy with no psychotic kind of tendencies but I guess I’m not the best judge of character. And Antoine eventually died getting his intestines ripped out by a ground digger.
When Glenn went to go cook some more meat he found out by Renee’s reaction to the meat that he was cooking Antoine’s skin. Which is completely gross, I mean how could you not know you were cooking human meat until it was too late. I mean thats just wrong man!
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