The Exorcist (S02E04) "One For Sorrow"

Andy (John Cho) has decided to take on a new child, Harper (Beatrice Kitsos). After her ordeal with her psychotic mother, she needs a safe place to rest her head. Although the island is full of dark and sinister forces that are out to harm those who live there. Adding another child to this rag-tag group will surely be their undoing.

Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) and Marcus (Ben Daniels) are on the run, there is an inevitable threat right on their heels. They must do everything they can to stay hidden and to stay alive. They walk atop a very slippery slope and there is no going back to how things used to be. Harper has taken a liking to them, so they find themselves following her to her new home. The pieces of the story fit perfectly together, the writers have done an amazing job.

Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson) and Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) are with Sister Delores (Karin Konoval). She isn’t quite the person she used to be. A demon has taken her over and integrated to her soul. Once the church’s top exorcist, she is no longer herself. They need her alive to learn of who will be targeted next. Exorcist’s from all walks of lives are in danger, either they conform or they die. Everything seems to circle back to the events in Chicago.

Grace (Amélie Eve) has been seeing and talking to something that no one else can see, things are starting to unravel bit by bit. It seems as though Tomas and Marcus are in the right place at the right time. Something is not quite right in the house, and soon they will all pay dearly for it. Tomas and Marcus decide to stick around and do some investigating of their own.

Verity (Brianna Hildebrand) has been welcoming towards a traumatized Harper, which is a nice change of pace with her usual somber and sarcastic attitude. In a world where chaos and pain has been at the forefront, Andy has provided them with a safe and loving place. That will soon be a distant memory when the true face of evil comes to call. Rose (Li Jun Li) decides to stay on the island and help with Harper who is trying to conquer her own inner “demons”.

If they are able to get a demon of influence and power, they could possibly win this war. Mouse and Father Bennett may be on to something, but they will have to go to Chicago to get what they desire. A great battle is on the horizon, no ones fate is sealed just yet.

Something is in the darkness, waiting to pull them all into a hellish demise. Things become more clear when we come to the horrifying conclusion that Andy is the one who has become unhinged. It’s a startling realization when we learn that Grace, really isn’t there at all.

This show keeps you guessing and never ceases to surprise the audience.

Rating: 8/10 

The Exorcist airs on FOX every Friday at 9/8c

Photo: IMDB