Arrow: (S06E01) "Fallout" and (S06E02) "Tribute"

Review: The first Arrow’s episode starts months later from the season finale with Team Arrow fighting the bad guys, something they are best at. We immediately see that some characters made it off the island, and others we’re uncertain of.
They drive us back and forth from island to the reality time, to keep the suspense, which is nicely done! Diggle (David Ramsey), Curtis (Echo Kellum), Rene (Rick Gonzalez) AND Felicity (Emily Bett) are all safe and sound, which is good news, since they’re characters that the series can either build on or want to keep because they’ve been around long enough to be fans’ favorites.
Olicity is trying to get back up. I personally think that’s nice, I can’t see them ending up with anybody else, no matter how complicated their relationship is. And meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) is adjusting to being a father, since the kid’s mother didn’t make it through – and this is very tough on both Oliver and the kid, but it’s normal that this will take some adjustment. The good thing is that Oliver advanced as a character and he is ready to be a father. The story is moving forward, as it has to!
Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) made it through as well! I really like the character, I like how badass she is, as a person and as a lieutenant. I even think she has a new costume, which is so nicely designed!
Let’s get to villains … Alex, a new villian, paired up with Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) … I like the action scenes, otherwise I’ll fall back with my judgemental opinion that they need to get rid of Black Siren. Or, I’ll TRY to fall back, ha! What’s most important in this fight is the fact that Arrow is one of the series that always manages to have nicely done fighting scenes and those are always fun to look at! Same goes for special effects.
All in all, it was a solid beginning of the season, having the episode end in picture proof of who the Green Arrow is … “What else has the mayor lied about?” It was a plotwist that we honestly couldn’t have predicted!
On to the second episode … It starts with Oliver clearly denying the proof, which isn’t a surprise. An agent isn’t willing to simply drop the news, which could mean there’d be an on-going fight in the future , but that matters little since the issue was resolved in the next 20 minutes by presenting proof that the picture was photoshopped. For me? That’s disappointing. They could make this issue a lot bigger and more interesting than it in fact was.
Anatoly (David Nykl) is back! Is he a good guy? No. Can we like characters who aren’t good guys? Yes. The actor is so good at being bad that it’s nice having him on the show. He kidnapped hostages that Team Arrow later had to save, the heroes that they are.
Diggle is trying to be a hero too, but the shrepnel from 5 months seriously impacted him and his nerves, which is so sad! I hope he can recover, and thus recover the relationship with Dinah who simply doesn’t find him trustworthy because of this.
Talking about trust … Oliver wants Diggle to be “the next” Green Arrow, as he wants to … Let’s say … Settle down in order to focus on being a father. Interesting.
While this second episode was slower (actionwise), it was still a good episode with a nice, continuing storyline.