NCISNOLA (S04E04) "Dead Man Calling"

It’s a city tour of the local haunts.  The guide’s voice sounds familiar. I’ve seen enough television commercials to know the Popeye’s Chicken Lady (Deidrie Henry) with my eyes closed! She looks good in costume; if it’s her!  Never the less, she’s telling a tale of Cornelius LaRue. He fell…jumped or was pushed from this very building, 150 years ago.  He’s a N’Awlins haunting. Then she screams.  A  sailor drops from the very same rooftop!   
1f3a4 - NCISNOLA (S04E04) "Dead Man Calling"BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM  -We have a Ghost Story! 
In another part of town, Sonya is walking very fast, with earbuds so loud, she doesn’t her LaSalle calling to her.  He wanted to pick her up for work. She casually declines.  Her new digs’are in the area. Casual? Not!  Pride notices the tension, as they come together for the latest.  
Core -Man Jacob Anderson, is the man on the ground.  Loretta believes Jacob was probably pushed and fell fighting,  He has defensive wounds indicative before the fall.
Loretta also notices tension between Percy and LaSalle. Pride’s gonna find out, what’s up?! It’s bugging the whole team! So he orders, Percy and LaSalle to work together on this case and to work out their issues! #stopit   
Although Sebastian fears heights, he’s on the roof, checking out the crime scene. The “Twilight Zone”♩ theme plays. It’s not his imagination. It’s Jacobs ringtone. 1f601 - NCISNOLA (S04E04) "Dead Man Calling" Funny and scary!
Jacob’s sister Brandy is calling.  Pride gives her a visit. The house is ransacked and Jacob was in town to help pack up Grams stuff. She had just died, too! Then Pride finds the remains of a candle ritual or seance. Was someone tryna check in with the dead?  Why was Jacob on the roof? 
They’re led to Otis Barthlomew. He’s a self proclaimed psychic, con artist and current suspect. He runs a haunted house and is found there. Here we find a bit of Gregorio humor as she is afraid of ghost & spooks, blaming her Catholic upbringing. She gets locked in a room when Otis runs and Sebastian gives chase.  She screams, “Sebastian!” Love it!  1f601 - NCISNOLA (S04E04) "Dead Man Calling" Bad girl is skerred of The Boogie Man.  She can’t shoot it! 
Otis has stolen goods. He claims innocence. Grandma Anderson called him. She was reviewing their family tree and needed his help. He didn’t kill her or Jacob.   Jacob was looking into Corn LaRue as was Gram! Why?!
Percy and LaSalle are in the cemetery, one of Jacobs known stops. They do touch on their “Country Mouse/City Mouse & she admits she misses that dynamic of their “didn’t happen” relationship. Now she has difficulties in going back to, “the way we were” #justfriends.  They didn’t finish this part of the convo, for some evidence showed up on a headstone. I ran to twitter…nothing!  1f601 - NCISNOLA (S04E04) "Dead Man Calling"  As soon as I saw the  headstone for LaRue, I knew this was about money!  Always; no surprises
Sidebar: And I don’t care for Percy’s hair (forehead) It looks like heavy guiche curls, maybe a wig?  I don’t know.  It’s distracting and too heavy a look for her pretty face. 
The trail leads to the Edgar family and their ties to Corn LaRue. Corn is a relative of The Andersons; who had changed their name from…LaRue!  The Edgers owe half their fortune in pharmaceuticals to the Family Anderson…aka LaRue! This secret was worth killing for, then and now!   
And The City Mouse/Country Mouse endearment proved to be a lifesaver at story’s end.  My guess is neither will be giving up on that particular aspect of their non-relationship, anytime soon.
It was an episode with good solid groundwork (details) leading to a solid and believable conclusion . Catch the fullness on or #ondemand It’s a great puzzle, right thru to the very end. 
Next week looks good too. Sebastian’s in trouble…big trouble ;& Isler’s back!  He may be ready to move to The Big Easy, he’s in town so much!
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