Riverdale (S02E02) "Night hawks"

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This episode had a lot of drama quite more than the usual in my opinion which didn’t make it any less enjoyable. The episode began with Jug and Betty walking into Pop’s and seeing it usually empty and by talking to Pop’s they realise people haven’t been coming at all after the shooting and Pop’s business was suffering and he might just have to shut down. But Betty assures him she’ll fund a way to make that not happen and knowing how persistent she is for things she care about she would find a way to save Pop’s. 
While the Lodges seem to be having a strain in their relationship with Veronica giving her dad a hard time. Hiram tries to convince Vee to give her a chance but we see how hard she shuts him but that doesn’t stop him from coming to school and trying to convince her in which Kevin and Betty finally get to see him. We also find out the reasons as to why Betty is bent on saving the diner which to her holds alot of memories she cherishes. 
As to Cheryl the episode really isn’t as entertaining without her presence and we see her take back the vixens from Veronica and at the same time Josie becomes a vixen. Could this mean more screen time for this badass character we are more than eager for that after all she’s such a gem to watch. 
Jug and Betty ask the mayor for help on their different problems. She refuses to help Betty who’s trying to save the dinner due to political reasons and as for Jug asking for a better lawyer she says it doesn’t change the fact that FP did a lot of bad things. We see how infuriated Jug is by this and he says to her “remember this day well this is the day you refused to help me” which is quite a little dark making us wonder if Jug’s character is gonna become dark like we all  have been suspecting.
The news of Grundy’s death didn’t affect any of the students but Archie making him walk out of class he seeks Alice’s help to find out more details on her death. Despite her dislike for Archie seeks he still helps him which is one of the reasons why her character is so likeable , the inforation they find out leads Archie to believe the Death Angel is targetting people around . 
Jug manages to get an idea from the snake charmer to help his dad but fir that they had to get a Blossom to support them which seems impossible after him and Betty went to seek help from Cheryl and she flat out denied them saying the trial wouldn’t bring them closure bit rather more memories of one of their darkest times. Of all the Riverdale character’s personally for me Cheryl has the best wardrobe her fashion sense is bold and everything she wears looks good on her which add on to her character as a badass.
Betty ends up having to resort to blackmail to get Cheryl’s help by threatening to leak the video if her dad shooting Jason. To which Cheryl replies “you are a stone cold bitch Betty Cooper” we can’t help but hear the admiration in her tone as she says that could this be the start of a friendship between them I hope so. With each episode we aren’t closer to figuring out Cheryl’s character she’s way too complex but all we know is she’s one of the strongest people after everything she’s gone through. 
The vixens help out at the diner in an attempt to get the business running and at first it seems to be at failure as only Alice comes but then more people come. Hiram and Hermoine make their first public appearance in Pop’s a diner they know own but have it under wraps . This seems like a mystery to us and at the same time we learn that Hermoine covered up for Hiram with the letter which makes us think they are suited for each other as both lie so easily.  Cheryl steps in for Valerie and sings with the Pussycats to which at first I wasn’t that sure was a good ideal but she proved me wrong as she fit in with them quite well.
Alice is always on her toes which makes her good at her job as she manages to take pics of a lot of intresting she’d later investigate and write on as a reporter . She manages to snap pic of Reggie dealing drugs. After all this the night doesn’t quite come to an end as we see Archie acquire a gun which is a bad idea but that’s not all he Angel of death also kills two teenagers in cold blood which makes us wonder just how dangerous is he. 
As for FP Cheryl’s testament bought him some time and when he asked his son how he got the idea, Jug tells him about the Serpent’s lawyer AKA the snake charmer.  FP was not pleased about it and when he learnt she did it asked a favour he warneed Jug not to associate with her and when she’d call to ask for a facourse he shouldn’t reply which is quite a mystery as to why FP would react in such a manner about a fellow serpent member.
Overall the episode was ok the new mysteries that came up as have potential to lead to amazing storylines but the episode itself seemed somehow lacking it wasn’t as much as of a bang as episode one. 
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