The Goldbergs (S05E04) “Revenge O' The Nerds”

Two weeks ago Bev announced a Bevolution and this week we finally get to see some changes. Beverly gets help from Mr. Glascott in her search for other things to do, now that her nest is getting more and more empty. Inspired by his mother’s Bevolution, Barry starts a Barryolution by getting a perm, like all the cool people in the world. Beverly starts off her Bevolution differently. She wants to go to night school to start an actual career. Murray however doesn’t want her to because this would mean that he’d have to be on his own for some nights, so he convinces her to also get a perm and the result is shocking.

504 1 - The Goldbergs (S05E04) “Revenge O' The Nerds”

When she shows her changed hairdo to Mr. Glasscott, he makes it clear to her that he doesn’t like it and even though Murray said he liked the perm, it’s impossible that he actually does. Beverly confronts Murray and tells him that she is allowed to do something selfish like this because she has taken care of her family for years (GO BEV!!). Murray eventually gets that and makes it up to her by giving her business cards. He will support the Bevolution and whatever Bev wants to do with her life.

As a big fan of college movies, Adam is thrilled when Erica invites him up to college. He takes his friends with him for a weekend of fun, but instead he ends up writing Erica’s school paper on Blade Runner. So while she is out, having her first gig at a student party, Adam and his friends are writing and don’t know that she’s just using them. When Adam eventually finds out what Erica did, he gets mad and plans to do a panty raid at the party where Erica is at. Weirded out by the whole thing they make it a pantry raid, and get caught. When the people at the party find out that Erica knows them, they cancel her gig and send her away. Adam wants to leave too, but Erica apologizes to him and tells him that she hasn’t been in touch more because her life at college isn’t that great so far. Of course Adam forgives her and helps her find a way to continue her mini concert, by recreating their favorite scene of Revenge Of The Nerds: “an epic musical rap finale, performed by underdogs”.

This week the episode had two pairings that we don’t see that often. It was fun to see Murray and Beverly together in a story and to see the dynamics of their relationship, as we don’t get to see that very often. I like the whole Bevolution thing as well and I’m very curious to see what Beverly will eventually end up doing.

With Erica and Adam, we saw another pairing that we don’t get to see that often. Seeing Adam and his friends at college was a lot of fun. I really love Adam’s friends, and this week’s scenes with them were just fantastic (“TIMING DAVE KIM”).

I’m also really loving Erica’s college life so far. I hope the writers will give Erica a lot of episodes at college. This episode had a solid setup for some interesting new storylines. I am also still really loving valley Erica, and I hope we will see a lot more from her in the future.

Barry didn’t have a big storyline this week, but I loved it. His scenes with the JTP, now the Jenkintown Perms, were really great. Also, I want shrimp (you know, the jumbo kind of shrimp).

Once again, like a lot of episodes of The Goldbergs, this week had a lot of ridiculous but hilarious scenes and a heartfelt ending.

The 100th(!!) episode of The Goldbergs airs this Wednesday at 8/7c on ABC!