Bob’s Burgers (S08E03) “The Wolf Of Wharf Street”

Plot Summary: 
On Halloween night, Linda tried to impress the kids by taking them to look for the wolf that has been terrorizing the town; an injured and medicated Bob believes that Teddy turned into a werewolf.
img 2429 - Bob’s Burgers (S08E03) “The Wolf Of Wharf Street”
One of my favorite things about Bob’s Burgers is that they never disappoint with their holiday episodes. This years Halloween episode has been great. We continue to see how creative the kids get with their costumes.
The kids weren’t the only ones who got in the Halloween spirit!
With Bob being stuck at home with a hurt knee Linda takes the kids out trick or treating. But when that turns out to be a no go she decides to go on a wolf hunt. While hunting they run into Bob’s frienemy Randy! 

While they are hunting down the wolf Bob is at home with nurse Teddy. But if course Bob’s pain meds start causing him to hallucinate. He starts thinking Teddy is the werewolf! He even tries to trap him in the house and hide the key to the handcuffs. 

Back in the woods with Linda, the kids and Randy, they continue the hunt. Of course Randy proves how much of a man he is in this episode just like in past episodes, not. 

Love that not much changes with Bob’s Burgers. Even Gene can always be counted on to be a little awkward. 

This week’s episode was great! It was filled with lots of adventure and hilarity. Go check it out. You will enjoy every minute of it!