Good Behavior (S02E02) "I Want You to Leave a Person Alive for Once"

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Wow! How much did you love last night’s episode? It’s peeling back the layers… Showing us the lengths Javi would go to protect his family. Letty’s perseverance and tenacity in keeping Javi safe at all costs! It was written by Chrita Elizabeth Sampath. Directed by Mikkel Norgaard and Chrita Elizabeth Sampath.
Shall we get started?
The day starts, and Letty’s alarm goes off. We see Javi that has been up for hours. Letty apologizes to Javi about bringing that body to Silk.
We then see Letty bringing Jacob to school. She sees the desk clerk who was a friend of Lindsay’s. Can I just add the front desk clerk looks like a real winner? He tells Letty “Cashier’s Checks are a real bitch.” (Where did they find this guy? OMG!)
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Later back at the house… Javi and Letty are discussing what happened at the school. “20,000 for a school?” Javi asks Letty. In which Letty retorts “I’ll have the 20,000 by Sunday night.” Javi doesn’t want Letty stealing anymore. That lifestyle for her is OVER. He looks at it as he is the provider. He’s the man of the house. In a way, Letty is his woman, Jacob is her son, he is like a father-figure to him. Letty must decide is this the new life or the old one?
The scenes between Javi and Ava always tug on my heart-strings. What is wrong with her? She was his staunchest supporter. Now did a total 360; why Ava why? He wants to get to the bottom of what happened between them. She tells him today is Silk’s memorial at her restaurant. “My FAMILY will be here.” Ava tells Javi. (And she repeats it again! Throwing those daggers at his heart Ava, why?) Javi is really upset. “You’re FAMILY?” Javi says.
He heads back home to see Letty. Javi tells her he is going camping. He is mourning Santino’s death. AHA! Later Ava and Lettie meet up at her restaurant. They discuss Javi. She asks, “When did “Santino die?” Ava tells her “December.” Now we know it’s NOT December. Ava gives Letty a look like “You’ve been played girl.”
Erin comes by the house with Apple. Jacob is going to sleep over. (Is this weird or what? All I hear in my head is: “And You say he’s Just a Friend” Biz Markie — Run Jacob Run!) Erin asks Letty “Where are you going?” She tells her “Camping.” Next thing you know we see Lettie at the camp site. She caught Javi off guard in a big way! “Can’t stay.” – Javi says to Lettie. “Ava called me today to talk about you.” – Lettie tells him. The conversation about Santino’s birthday came up. How he lied to her about his real birthday. Doesn’t Letty get it though? Javi is working to make money to provide for them? Letty starts questioning him! He tells her “Jacob needs money for school. That is something I can fix.” (Go Javi!) The next part was quite disturbing. If I was Letty I would have LET IT GO. “If it makes you feel any better, this guy raped a girl.” At that point, I would have got my behind out of there. He is right. Why would you want to be around a rapist? Furthermore, let him escape punishment.
You know Lettie though. She never lets anything go easily. “I am staying here to stop you from killing someone.” – Letty. It’s like Javi saying “I am watching you all the time to make sure you never steal again.” These things take time. They don’t happen overnight. Letty of all people should know better.
You will never believe what happens next! Guess who pulls up? Carin, Apple and Jacob in a Navigator. Bad timing anyone? Apparently, Eric has been cheating on her. She wants to even the score. She brought molly with her! (Wow! This suburban Mom wants to get down and party!) She asks Letty if she wants to do it. She says “No.” The next thing you know, Orgy talks begin. Can you believe this? Even Javi adds his two cents saying that he has partaken but only with women. They are partying with the other camping group. One of the guys in that group is Javi’s intended target.
Letty sees Apple running back to the tent. Weird, right? Why is she out so late and running back? Can you believe Apple stole a beer! She wants Jacob to drink it with her. He will not succumb to peer pressure. He tells her “NO.”
We pan over to Silk’s funeral. Ava’s old boyfriend Teo shows up from Argentina. Who is this guy? The girls have mixed signals about him right off the bat. Understandably so. (He is a hottie, but he came out of nowhere. Right after their father dies? Suspicious much.) His only saving grace was that he was friends with their Uncle Javi. He wanted to know where he was and what happened? Yeah, Teo we do too.
Letty is walking in the woods alone. Bryce (Javi’s intended target) is following her. He starts going after Letty! He pins her to the ground to rape her. OMG!!!! Out of nowhere, Javi appears! He gets him off her. Suddenly Javi is holding him at the edge of the cliff… He throws this lowlife off. Back at the campsite, Letty is smoking a joint. She notices Apple running into the tent again? (Is this De Ja Vu?)
Apple is crying. She starts talking to Jacob. “Emilie (aka Javi) was arguing with those college guys. He pushed him off the cliff.” (OMG! This is NOT GOOD!) She is crying hysterical. Letty asks, “What happened?” APPLE SAW EVERYTHING!
Jacob tells Apple “You’re drunk, drunk. People always lie. Right now, you need to go to sleep. Otherwise you’ll be hung over.”
Next morning. Erin and Apple are leaving. She says goodbye to Lindsay (aka Letty). Javi cooks some breakfast for them. Unbeknownst to him that Apple is hiding a BIG SECRET. “I shouldn’t have been here.”  Letty says
(Javi “BIG TOLD YOU SO MOMENT” to Letty. After all, this all could have been avoided. He was just trying to make money for Jacob to go to school.)
We see Bryce’s friends yelling his name and looking for him. This isn’t going to end well. We have a witness named “I know too much for my own good, Apple.” I knew she was trouble.
I Want You to Leave a Person Alive for Once Thoughts:

  • Add a new name to the list of people who could want Javi dead. His name is Teo. He wants to get in good with Ava’s father. Setting up a trap…
  • I find it very coincidental Teo is back all Javi is received those mysterious text messages. You?
  • Now we have a witness. Apple. Why did Letty go and follow Javi? This all could have been avoided. Carin wants to be Letty’s friend. Now we have this big mess.
  • Thank you, quick thinking Jacob. Apple was drinking. Try and confuse her. Let’s hope she doesn’t tell Daddy Eric.
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE BY Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego Botto, Laura Bell Bundy, Maria Botto, Juan Riedinger, Barrett Carnhan and Nyles Steele.