Jeepers Creepers Review

Back in 2001 there was a little horror movie called Jeepers Creepers that I remember seeing in theaters when it was was released. This week I bought the blu ray of it and decided to rewatch it to see what I think after my second time viewing it here my review.
The first Jeepers Creepers films start off with Trish Jenner played by Gina Philips and her brother Darry Jenner played by Justin Long. There both heading home from college during spring break to visit there family when a mysterious person in a old rusted truck try to run them off the road but however there able to avoid it. Later while driving they see whoever in this truck disposing of what looks like a dead body and Darry played by Justin Long wants to investigate it to see if the person still alive and if they can help while trying to learn who this person might be.
One thing I will give the first Jeepers Creepers film credit for is taken it time before revealing the creature because before the hour mark whenever you see the creature it’s aways in the dark and the way the camera work in this film you never get a clear look at his face until the near ending of the film which is good. I really like the chemistry between Trish and Derry characters I love how Trish has some of the best comments regarding what to do and what not to do in certain  circumstances  which I find found funny both times watching this film.
If I had to say my biggest complaint with the first Jeepers Creepers  is the fact when I first saw the film in theaters the ending left me disappointed. I felt the movie was very good until that ending then I remember leaving the theater upset but rewatching it now I’m not as let down knowing where the series goes from here on.
The first Jeepers Creepers is a fun little horror movie to watch and while it may have a disappointing ending to me the rest of it is still rather good.
Overall I would give the first Jeepers Creepers a solid 4 out of 5