Slasher (S02E04) "Night of Hunters"

This fourth episode I was really intrigued by the back story they gave us to Ty Olsson’s character and I really thought they were going to keep to the killing pattern but I was wrong and they changed pattern by revealing what his character did by being a psychotic rapist. But this episode had its moments of me thinking well Glenn (Ty Olsson) is gonna die but instead it was a new person who got lost in the snow named Megan (Sophia Walker).
So with this episode we saw that Glenn was in jail with his lover R.G. (Luke Humphrey) the story seems to be rushed with this episode though revealing way too much in what happened between two month ago, to three years ago to four years ago. And not in that order either, the story with all of the jumping around does eventually lead up to why this guy chose to use the name Glenn. Yes, viewers, Glenn is not his real name and I kinda figured that especially since Noah (Jim Watson) found that medicine bottle with the name Benny on the prescription.
And in the beginning I always thought that Dawn (Paula Brancati) was a major bitch but after this episode I started feeling bad for her and for Noah. I mean Dawn was one of the people who stepped up to help keep the people at ease especially when Renee (Joanne Vannicola) went bat shit crazy.
When paranoia started settling in Glenn got crazy and went after Noah thinking he is going to tell everyone about things that he knows about him but even when he caught up with Noah, Noah even mumbled he wouldn’t say anything but Glenn didn’t believe him and we saw poor Noah being tortured in a broken down school bus. Poor Noah that guy never gets a break, first frost bite when hanging with Susan in the snow and now being licked, kissed, even bullied by Glenn/Benny all because he found a body in the RV’s freezer.
In the flashbacks we see R.G. telling Glenn about the cabin thats said to be a fresh start, that he’s kept a picture of ever since he came into jail. But now that R.G. is getting out he is talking about visiting the place and it gives Glenn the idea to follow once he gets released. Months just before the friends came up there to the cabins; we find out that Glenn got released from prison and chose to follow R.G’s path to find him to be with him. But R.G. doesn’t feel the same way anymore he doesn’t want that reminder of who he used to be. Of what he used to be, a prisoner shackled by his old lover Glenn or I should be saying Benny but its so hard for me to.
I think why its so hard for me to call Glenn, Benny is because Ty Olsson had a character named Benny that was a vampire on Supernatural a long time ago and every time I hear the name Benny, I keep thinking about that show instead of thinking of the show I’m currently on and then I say to myself “wrong show” and then I continue watching the show. But Ty Olsson’s Benny on this show is literally one sick puppy in this episode at least.
So then in the flash back after Glenn/Benny kills R.G. (who is the real Glenn) and stuffs his body in the RV’s freezer; he then takes R.G’s real name Glenn and goes to the cabin where he meets Mark (Paulino Nunes), Antoine (Christopher Jacot), Renee (Joanne Vannicola), Judith (Leslie Hope), and Wren (Sebastian Pigott) and is welcomed into the community.
In present time, Megan (Sophia Walker) who is in full shock starts having symptoms of being drugged with hallucinogens by seeing her dead friend where Dawn was standing. Dawn tries her best to calm Megan down, especially since all she was trying to do is help get Megan to bed. Megan then tries attacking Dawn but starts to vomit everything of the soup she ate. After Dawn accidentally pushes Megan down the stairs, Megan’s mouth starts to foam and she dies. See what I mean, they changed the pattern by throwing us off by revealing someones back story of the group and have someone else die. At the end of the episode, Glenn starts feeling like he can’t trust Noah so he rips Noah’s pants off and rapes him. I mean damn that Noah kid just doesn’t get a break, I feel really bad for the guy.
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