The Walking Dead (S08E01) "Mercy"

The Walking Dead’s back folks!  The wait’s finally over, and boy, was it a long wait.  We start back with Rick’s gang setting traps for an ambush, continuing Ricks promise of killing Neegan after last years finale.
The episode opens with a throwback to the very first shot of season one, when we see Rick waking up from his coma.  We saw this in the trailer, which lead to a resurgence of the “Old Man Rick” theories.
There’s a lot of time jumps, going back and forth between the current gearing up for war sequences as the “Old Man Rick” dream sequences, which takes you out of the suspense of the gearing up for war.  We see Rick and his group gearing up for war and meeting on a staging ground, while a splinter group of Daryl, Caryl, Tara, and Morgan are getting back ups.
They lure a super herd, which is the first time I think we’ve seen one that size on the show before.  Maggie is the clear leader, with Eziekiel and Rick backing her up.  They take out individuals belonging to the Saviors as Rick, Maggie, and the others took the battle to Neegan this time as they had Carole, Daryl, Tara, and Morgan lure a super herd of walkers towards Neegan’s compound.  Meanwhile, they set off a car bomb to lure most of the Saviors out of the way.
Rick and Maggie lead the charge as they head to the compound, calling Neegan out.  Rick gives Neegan an ultimatum, which Neegan turns down with his usual eloquent turn of phrase.  The battle ensues.
There’s definite throw backs to previous seasons, including season one when Rick kills his first walker, the little girl by the gas station.  They show him getting out of the hospital, but instead of going home with Lori and Carl, he’s home with Michonne and Carl.
Maggie and Rick talk about how everything started because of Glenn, how one person can be the start of something big without even knowing it.  Whenever they’ve set up scenes like that in the past, it usually pays off in a big way at the end of the season, so I’d keep an eye on that theme throughout.
The Kingdom/Hilltop/Alexandria are now on the offensive, no longer passive and waiting their fate.  This is the side of Rick and Maggie that fans love, especially me.  With the first episode being this big, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next and who survived and didn’t that first episode.
Let me know in the comments what you thought of the episode.  What do you hope happens this  season?  What are your theories?