Audition movie review

A love story gone  horribley  wrong is a good way to sum up  Audition.When I first heard about this film it was awhile back when I was watching Bravo top 100 scariest films ever made and the way they sum this film up is pretty well dose do the movie justice.
Audition first start up our main  protagonist Shigeharu Aoyama who is a middle age widower trying to move past his wife death who has been dead for seven years. He eventually decide it time and talk to his friend Yasuhisa Yoshikawa who is film producer. They come up with this idea to hold a mock audition on who could play the part of this character wife in hopes Shigeharu could find the women he want to be with there.
Out of all the women who audition for this predictable role Sigeharu eyes catches become  fixated on this one girl Asami Yamazaki . However his friends has some concerns about her because he feels a she a little off but however he dose say she will be hearing back from which leads to first creepy scene of the film with her just seiiting there awaiting for this phone call and when he dose call her you see the bag next to her twitch a little.
As the movie progress with Sigeharu becomes closer to Asami which leads to them sleeping together but the next days she is gone and that’s when he start looking for her to find out the  horrifying truth about the girl he started to love.
Addition is a movie that really takes it time to build up it’s mood but once the film gets to the reveal of Asami Yamazaki character you are going to witness some shocking and  disturbing images that you may or not be able to handle depending on your stomach.
One thing I will say about this movie when you get to see Asami Yamazaki on how she torture people it will stick with long after the movie over.
If your in the mood for a good creepy horror triller give Audition a try but you might want to not be eating when watching this.
Audition gets a 5/5