Slasher (S02E05) "Out of the Frying Pan"

This episode brought us back on track on who is to die by showing the back story of the character. I have to be honest though, I really thought we were going to get Glenn/Benny’s (Ty Olsson) death last episode but instead we got it for this episode which is understandable cause we had to get Noah (Jim Watson) out of the woods and hands of Glenn in the first place.
So in this episode Dawn (Paula Brancati), Keira (Madison Cheeatow), and Peter (Lovell Adams-Gray) found Noah (Jim Watson) after Glenn (Ty Olsson) had rapped him and he escaped the bus by setting it on fire. That only makes Glenn more mad by knocking Wren (Sebastian Pigott) unconscious only to be set unconscious himself and tied up in the barn area. Everyone tries getting answers from Glenn but he’s not talking.
We are then taken back to five years ago where we are getting closer and closer to revealing what everyone did to Talvinder (Melinda Shankar) especially towards Noah. Eventually everyone had enough when Talvinder left Noah to put all the tents together and go off drinking with other camp counselors. Dawn and the others told Talvinder she would have to spend the night outside without any tent or anything except for the clothes she is currently wearing. Talvinder begs for the group not to let her sleep like this but then she reveals secrets about all of the friends except for Noah because she didn’t have anything on Noah because she saw him as pathetic. When Noah couldn’t handle that and assaulted Talvinder, only to have Talvinder run away and the others follow her.
In the barn, Renee (Joanne Vannicola) questions Glenn and only gets driven more and more over the edge. Continuously thinking that Glenn is the killer but its not true. The only thing that is true is that Glenn’s paranoia got the best of him and made him a suspect, but Renee didn’t care about that all she cared about was getting justice for what happened to Antoine. And justice she did get or she thought, she tortured and tortured and tortured Glenn. Freaking Mark (Paulino Nunes) out and even making him have to run away because of bringing back bad memories.
Glenn confessed and confessed he didn’t kill Antoine but Renee being a bit of a psychotic evolved psycho just chose to keep stabbing and stabbing and cutting Glenn up. Eventually Renee killed Glenn but right when she killed Glenn. Everyone felt it was best if they slept in the living room of the cabin.
In the end Noah gets burned alive revealing the killer is still out there!
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