Slasher (S02E06) "Drone"

So are we ready to wet our pants yet? This episode literally brought everyone over the edge. It made me really curious to know about Mark’s (Paulino Nunes) back story now that I know it, its pretty sad truth be told. I always thought maybe he had lost a wife or something but instead it wasn’t even that. But we will get to that in a little bit. Overall I’m really liking this series and it seems to always try having twist and turns with every episode and once again they went off pattern again so try to throw us off in who dies in this episode.
In this episode we started out in the past I think it was three years ago, we see Mark (Paulino Nunes) and Stefanie (Rebecca Amzallag) having sex in a restaurant. Then going on with business without going on about what just happened in the back of the restaurant.
In the present time we see Peter (Lovell Adams-Gray) and Keira (Madison Cheeatow) going to find Noah (Jim Watson) and they find him burnt but still alive. Which how in the hell would anyone still live from being burned that severely. I mean no one would live that long and sadly it turned out that way too but still Noah should’ve died instantly from those severe burns. When they bring burned up Noah to the table; Keira starts immediately to try and save Noah’s life.
When Dawn (Paula Brancati) and Peter hear a plane they try flagging the plane down but the plane doesn’t see them. When Renee (Joanne Vannicola) realizes she was wrong in who the killer is she starts feeling bad for herself and everyone else feels she might be too much of a danger to the others. Peter, Mark and Dawn all try making S.O.S signs in case the plane comes back it will be something big enough to see and hopefully help them out. But while looking for more sticks to help the sign Dawn gets injured by a bear trap. I mean damn, a bear trap hurts like hell. Makes me feel bad for Dawn cause this episode she had so much problems and you could easily see that shes stepped up really well.
Mark’s old life self made an appearance in this episode by choosing to question everyone and try finding out who the killer is. All what it really does is get everyone rattled and scared to even be there. Mark eventually apologizes to everyone for the way he acted not meaning to hurt anyone or say anything to hurt anyone. All he really did was make Dawn more afraid and choosing not to trust Mark even though she tries really hard to forgive him. We did get a little touch on Keira’s life on what she was before which on this episode it made me really curious about her and to be revealed she was an ER nurse who couldn’t save a patient and quit the nursing business I mean its understandable. The job isn’t meant for everyone.
Renee chooses to do some snooping around to find out information to try to make an understanding in who the killer might be or who might be considered. Renee starts looking at the files; while shes in the old files cabin Mark stands guard hearing a snowmobile only to find out its the killer who is driving. Mark gets hit unconscious and the killer goes after Renee. Renee makes a discovery in who the killer is and just before she could say his name the killer runs her down with the snowmobile.
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