Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!"

It’s baby Bella’s first birthday & she’s officially anointed into the world of music, with PRINCE & all things purple! 
Regardless of what happened in the hereafter, this will be my favorite eppy; fo’evah! 1f49c - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!" #misshim. 
Its 106 & park. #BET  It’s Lucious Lyon’s debut and a Cookie flashback. She watches from a prison community room.
She recalls the smack down with a very full figured “Pound Cake”, her first razor cut, (to her hand) the 1st family visit & the not visits..  
Dwicious  speaks in the 3rd person. He still doesn’t know Lucious, but wants to make up for his actions & Cookie’s pain. He wants to go to Empire.  The “20 for 20” project is the days work . “Okay let’s go” Just as Claws arrives, “where we going?” “What did I miss?” They all go!  
Andre gets flowers  “for tomorrow” it reads. Later we find Pamela had sent them. Bella’s birthday is the death day of Rhonda. It was a kind act & I still don’t like her.  1f61d - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!"   
Diane finds out about Lucious’ loss.  She’s thrilled & wants the world to know! It’s front page news, literally; with a drop date tomorrow morning, 1st edition. 
At The Empire, Dwicious, still doesn’t know what’s going on, yet he seems to enjoy the show. He feels Hakeem’s  performance is “passionate!”  although he didn’t like it & Tiana can “shake that branch!”  He went way back for that one!
Becky suggests some Machiavellian schemes of old to pull “20 for 20” together.  Lucious has a “uh?” look & Andre saves the day.  He calls for a “Last Man Standing” showdown of the premiere artist only; Winner takes all.  
Becky in her ignorance or denial of Lucious’ state, thinks his idea is genius #brownnose   And again, shouldn’t ‘Nessa be here? 1f3a4 - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!"1f54a - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!" the #songbird in this competition?  She’s still on contract?
Cookie won’t let Tory audition. She’s white. 1f615 - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!" Lucious thinks it wrong…just wrong. I agree.  
Dwicious thinks Cookie thrives on the pain. She brings up the 17 years & tells him to go home! 1f446 - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!"#snap  This is The EMPIRE HE BUILT! I could see her head in the logo, without closing my eyes! #mine She’s consumed! 
Across town, Angelo snake charms Anika and they  “Stop the presses”  at Bella’s party. She sues for full custody.  He’s not there as Cookie’s “sloppy seconds” as Cookie ghetto-fabulously claimed *snap. 
And prior to the gala, during another family moment,  Andre remembers this is the day, Rhonda died. Errry bone in her body was broken. He lunges for Anika “murderer!”  #sad. 
Later Cookie apologies to Claws. She was right Lucious needs help & she wants to be a part of it.  Claws encourages Cookie to tell the story of his Core, where it began. It’s the Lion statue in Philly, where Lucious Lyon was born at age 9 
Cookie wants to take Lucious to this “crossroad”. Not now, says Claws. And right there, I knew She would take him. She did and without Cookie!  
At the lion, she hugs him. “You can choose a different path, now”  “Come with me” he says. She says, “yes”
Now “Let’s Go Crazy!”
 ♩1f525 - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!"
1f3b6 - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!"1f49c - Empire (S04E04) "It Ain't Over!"
Tyka, Prince’s sister was there  & his band performed.  Although Prince didn’t celebrate his birth day, it was fun & joyous to celebrate his life in such a way!
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