Interview with Hayley Lovitt

Hey readers, today I had the absolute pleasure to interview a very busy and lovely lady who acts on the great television show in the Marvel Entertainment Universe The Gifted. And to answer one of her questions within one of my questions is yes James Bond Universe definitely counts as one of the shared universes I was talking about, it will all make sense when you read the interview. And you can thank IMDB for this feature image that I used for this interview, it was the only decent one I could find. And one thing I can truly say, she loves her smiley faces but who doesn’t love seeing smiley faces during an interview, its awesome!

Ms. Lovitt, thank you for giving us your time to be interviewed, it’s truly an honor to be able to interview you.

Thank You! The pleasure is mine 🙂

Q 1) Back in 2015 you stood in for the role as Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp in the film Ant-Man, which was your first taste of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what was that like for you?

Well, I wasn’t a stand-in, I actually played the role of Janet van Dyne, The Wasp… and I was blown away at the chance to play that role. It just so happens that they ended up cutting the lines in the scene I had with Michael Douglas, which was disheartening – especially to only find out when I saw the film for the first time at a premiere in a theater full of people. As actors, unless you are the main players in the film, we are never told when some or all of our dialogue might get cut, so it’s just par for the course. And it makes sense why they did it when I look back now. They wanted to kind of keep aninemity for Janet at the time. It was still amazing to be billed as a Marvel superhero. I didn’t know who I had been cast as until I arrived to set for my first day of filming – Marvel is super hush hush about everything, even that! I had a ton of fun though. There was an amazing hair and makeup team, and producers coming to speak to me about the role I was portraying. It was a really unique experience.

Q 2) After working on Ant-Man, did you ever want to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Who wouldn’t, right? Marvel has become this huge iconic thing in our world. I think everyone loves a good Hero story. They want good to win over evil, and Marvel & DC run all their products on this theory in an overt way. It satisfies that inate desire in us to see the good guy win – and not just win, but do it in a SUPER way. I love being back in MCU for The Gifted. I never thought I would be back getting to play a mutant from the Xmen comics! Amazing. Who gets to be The Wasp AND Sage?! Geez. So grateful.

Q 3) If you were ever asked to act in a different shared Universe what would it be? (example: DC Entertainment Universe, Universal Studio’s Dark Universe, or even Stephen King’s shared story Universe)

I’m going to say James Bond. Does that count? Basically just because I want to wear some extravagant costumes and do cool action stunt stuff. My mom LOVES James Bond films. That’s reason enough right there, right?

Q 4) I heard a rumor that you were supposed to act in the television series Marvel’s Inhumans, was that only a rumor or will you be appearing later on?

Funny you should say that, and I’m glad you bring it up – because I heard that too and I have no idea where it came from. Ha. I think maybe someone just got confused about what The Gifted was before it came out, and…. Maybe that’s where it started. No, I’m not on Marvel’s Inhumans. I’m not even sure where they shoot that series. I’m probably at capacity for characters I can play in MCU, but maybe they need Sage to do a crossover episode?

Q 5) If you would’ve been able to be in the television series Marvel’s Inhumans, which character would you have played?

Well, full disclosure, I haven’t had a chance to see that show yet… so I’m not sure. But I have a killer RBF, so if there’s one who is a bitch, or who is just fed up with everyone.

Q 6) I’ve noticed that you have returned to a form of Marvel Studios work this time with the series Gifted, what can you tell me about your character Sage?

Something I learned this year – when I was worried that I would be stopped from playing her but then figured out it would be fine – and maybe I’m behind the curve on learning this… BUT Marvel Studios = the films and Marvel Entertainment = the TV Series. They are separate entities. There are a handful of people who have portrayed characters in both. I am honored to be one of them.

Sage is this really complex character from the comics. There are a lot of things about her in the comics that the show doesn’t get into, of course. There just isn’t time for decades worth of stories on every character, but it’s neat to go back and look at her comics back story and how she came up and what she’s been through. She has a lot of history with Professor Xavier, and I’m really hoping, even if it’s in like Season 3, that we can get some movie characters in our show – and that James McAvoy comes, and I get to do scenes with him. Mostly just because I have a big crush on him. 🙂

In the show, and I’ve got to be careful what I say here, because I don’t want to give anything away…We get to see Sage’s supercomputer brain at work. Sage is a major part of Mutant Headquarters and she can process lots of information lightning fast and retain all of it. She’s a master at statistics and probability. I’d like to think that when she retires one day, many years from now, she will teach Statistics and Probability classes at a mutant university. J She’s a huge Empath, she cares deeply for others, which I believe is really what got her into all the sticky messes she got into in the comic books. She looks out for her people on the show and just like the other mutants at HQ, is concerned with helping out her fellow Muties 🙂

Q 7) What kind of preparations did you take to act as Sage for Gifted? (example: read the comics, watched other movies, etc.)

I looked into her comic background, of course, but more than that, I looked into how I can define how she thinks and feels so I can make better decisions on how she would act on these things. She’s extremely empathetic and influenced by the desires of others. She also has this mutant memory bank – she retains all the information she reads or hears, so I did some research about people with photographic memories and hyperthymesia and how it affects them in their day-to-day life.

Q 8) Did you always want to be in the film industry either as an actress or was there another profession that you wanted to pursue at one point?

Yes. Always. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be an actress. There were other things I wanted to be as well, though. I wanted to be a veterinarian for a long time, especially as a child – and even now I volunteer at animal shelters. My love for animals is a big part of my life. I have adopted 3 cats, so I’m basically a Cat Lady forever now. Also, when I was in college, and after I graduated, there were a lot of other things I considered. I figured it was too unstable to choose acting as a career, so I majored in Communication Studies and Psychology. I really loved studying Negotiation in college. I thought I might be an attorney at one point, though I really don’t think I could make it as an attorney – I know a lot of them and they are much smarter than me. Haha.

Q9) Other than Gifted are there any other projects that you are currently working on either helping out with or acting on?

I am acting on some other things right now, but I am under NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) for all of them, so I can’t say!! Just keep your eyes peeled for me! I’ll post on my social media accounts as soon as I am allowed to release anything. Twitter and Instagram both: HayleyLovitt

Q 10) Last Question cause I know you’re a busy lady; Did Marvel by any chance ask you to return to the Ant-Man sequel as Janet before recasting her or were you not approached at all? I’m really curious about this one!

I can’t comment on that one. Sorry!

The no comment made me sad, but I also understand because like how she said Marvel is very hush, hush! Hope you all have enjoyed!