Lucifer (S03E04) "What Would Lucifer Do?"


This weeks episode began with a scene we’ve seen many-a-time before, Lucifer in bed with another one night stand… and dressed in a floral kimono, in truly unapologetic way (nice to see a male lead not ruled by fragile masculinity!) he makes a deal with the woman’s husband so he can continue sleeping with her. In an attempt to prove he’s the deal-making devil he once was.
Cut to Chloe approaching Lieutenant Pierce, seeking a new position. She, and us as the audience are shocked to see her turned down, knowing how kickass of a Detective she is. Later we learn that Pierce only did this because he believe’s she’s too good for the position. Evidently, he doesn’t have anything against Chloe but rather the opposite. If we hadn’t already noticed this “thing” that Pierce seems to be developing for Chloe, it is reinforced by Ella’s comments and well, rather obvious gestures. Pierce takes a bullet for her later in the episode so this is undeniably heading into love interest territory. That said, I’ve no doubt it’s merely intended to be a bump in the road for Deckerstar, who are inevitably endgame. However, perhaps that’s what they want us to think, I’m still VERY skeptical of Pierce and why he’s really here, just to check up on the PD? Doubt it. I’m telling you it runs deeper than that and we’ll have to wait a little longer to see how it unfolds.
Linking to Lucifer’s keenness to prove himself, one of the episodes plot lines is between our favourite brothers. Amenadial asks Lucifer to teach him his ways, to which Lucifer tells him that should he ever be unsure, to simply ask himself, “What Would Lucifer Do?”. Things don’t work out so great for Amenadial as he finds himself locked up and left to be bailed out by Dan… after accidentally sleeping with a call girl, that is. Lucifer might want to prove that he’s still his devilish self, by making deals with humans, pretending to be so carefree, and “sleeping around”, but by the end of the episode he is left with guilt that he wasn’t there when Chloe was in danger. He isn’t the same Lucifer he once was and that’s a truth he’s going to have to face up to. Chloe has changed him, whether he likes it or not.
I missed Maze once again this week and I need her back in my life! Can we just skip to episode 6, please? Though Charlotte’s back next week… no longer as Lucifer’s mother but the real Charlotte Richards again so I’ve heard? (Don’t quote me on that!) It’ll be interesting to see what they do with that one, and Tricia Helfer is brilliant so it’ll be good to have her back. Whilst I love Chloe, and her smart, badass but vulnerable self, and adore Ella’s comedic relief to the heavier storylines (which Aimee Garcia portrays SO brilliantly) I did miss my favourites Linda and Maze. Dan, Lucifer and Amenadial were all great too of course.
As always though, this show is the perfect balance of comedy and real-grit, as personified in each and every character as they all bring a little humour alongside well developed, realistic (beyond their celestial powers of course) characters. I enjoyed the episode but didn’t find the homicide storyline as engaging as usual! Maybe I’m in need of a little more Maze, or just waiting to get deeper and thus more invested in the season’s arc storyline.
Remember to watch Lucifer live next week and all season to support the ratings – as it faces potential cancellation this year!