Slasher (S02E07) "Dawn of the Dead"

So, did many of you go to pee pee city with this episode? In this episode, I think all of our hearts went out fully to Dawn (Paula Brancati). I mean this episode gave us the killer’s identity and a new hypothetical reason why the killer is killing all of them. But is this really the reason why he’s killing all of these people? Guess we will find out eventually now that we have only one more episode left.
We start five years ago, back when all five friends were still alive and camp counselors, but we see the so-called “friendship” with Dawn (Paula Brancati) and Talvinder (Melinda Shankar) and how Talvinder was the one who was able to manipulate Dawn the longest. It was so terrible that they made Talvinder, with all of these others, look like the victim when they were the victim. But now it’s Dawn’s turn to become the victim of Talvinder’s wrath.
In the flashbacks we see that Dawn really liked this camp counselor named Ryan (Jon McLaren) and was hoping to start something real with him. But Dawn’s mistake was to tell Talvinder all about him, which made Talvinder really jealous. She then decided to try to have her and Dawn move in together in a nice house when they get out of camp. Dawn likes the idea and is up for it; Dawn chooses to tell Talvinder a deep secret that she has never told anyone else about. Dawn should’ve never told her.
In present day Peter (Lovell Adams-Gray) and Keira (Madison Cheeatow) look for Renee (Joanne Vannicola) and Mark (Paulino Nunes) but find Renee’s body. Keira immediately starts thinking that Mark killed Renee, but Mark tells them he was unconscious for all this time. When the group gets to the cabin, everyone is wondering what to do next. Dawn chooses to give everyone a game to play while they are drinking their beers, only to find out that Mark drugged Peter’s beer to try to make him confess about killing Renee. But overall Mark doesn’t care; he just wants to kick Peter out. When Keira tries to follow, Mark threatens her saying if she goes out there she won’t be let back in. So Peter runs to try to find warmth.
When Peter finds out that the killer’s motives are actually for revenge on Owen’s death, he feels he has to travel back to the cabin to tell the others. When Peter gets back to the cabin he begs Dawn to let him back in so he can tell her what he found out. When he tries telling her, Mark knocks him out and Keira tries getting him comfortable while waiting for him to wake up. Judith then feels like she needs alone time so she and Wren (Sebastian Pigott) went to her room and had sex, only to find out later that night that Wren is the killer.
In the five years ago flashback, we see how much of a liar Talvinder really is by telling lies to Ryan about Dawn and telling Ryan the secret about Dawn’s stepfather, which is such a bitch-y thing to do. If she was going to be a true friend, she would’ve never told anyone that. When Dawn finds out that Talvinder had a play in to telling Ryan about her stepfather, she sides with Andi (Rebecca Liddard) and Susan (Kaitlyn Leeb) about something that needs to be done. They side with the judgment setting, but then it gets turned to shit when Noah (Jim Watson) assaults Talvinder, which then leads her to run away.
In present day, Judith (Leslie Hope) has a conversation with Wren about being the killer, but he only wants to keep Judith safe. I thought this was weird because it’s almost like every time she put the gun to herself he acted very worried, as if he were going to die too. But Mark trying to find Judith in the cold, ends up getting shot in the head ending the episode with blood spraying the screen.
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