The Flash (S04E03) "Luck Be a Lady"

Okay so you know how I said with the second episode that they should do more comical episodes with at least comical scenes. Well they did it again with this episode, I mean when it comes to bad luck charms or anything of the sort of course theres going to be comical scenes. But I still have about what Thinker (Neil Sandilands) wants with these metas?
So I find it really catchy that they used a Frank Sinatra song title as the title of the episode. They even used the song in a part of the episode which I thought was a really good, I mean the director of the episode Arvin Kevorkian must be a Sinatra fan because throughout some of the episode the song ‘Luck Be a Lady’ was quoted by our villain which was awesome.
In this episode we met the second meta human Rebecca Sharpe aka Hazard (Sugar Lyn Beard) which I’m surprised they changed the origin of Sharpe’s  villain story from the comics. In the comics Sharpe became the villain Hazard to seek revenge on her grandfather The Gambler’s death which then she took her grandfather’s dice and started wreaking havoc. Now the story they use for Hazard in the Flash series is actually interesting. We did get a little nod from the comics however with Rebecca working at a casino where her job was rolling the dice. See that little nod, with the dice? When Rebecca was on the bus that was present when Barry (Grant Gustin) ran out of the speed force turning everyone on that bus into a meta human.
Now the comical parts of this episode was when Barry heard about the bank robbery and was speeding down that way he tripped over a whole barrel of I believe it was either marbles or legos. I’m pretty sure the barrel said lego’s on it but whatever it was pretty hilarious seeing Barry in his Flash suit sliding on the object and falling slow motion in the air. Another scene was when Barry was trying to apprehend Hazard in the final parts of the episode and Barry slid on some casino coins and cuffed himself dampening his powers which just cuffing himself was hilarious because the way he fell those cuffs should never have cuffed onto him because he threw them in the air when he began sliding. But it is comedy just having them magically appear on him by ignoring the rules of logic or anything. Both those scenes were hilarious!
And I’m loving and loving Kim Engelbrecht’s character The Mechanic I mean she gave Team Flash credit this episode for being smart. I’m really curious to see what The Mechanic will eventually do for the Thinker other than being a computer operator. I mean she could be doing a whole lot like creating Kilgore’s (Dominic Burgess) computer body like how he has in the comics. I mean she could be doing so much more and maybe she will I mean this is only the third episode we still have 20 or 19 episodes left of the season.
And we lose Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) as a member of Team Flash, because he feels he needs to find his own hero path. Which I understand, because he just lost Jesse (Violett Beane) in relationship way and now Wally needs to find out who he is as a hero. And by doing that he is going to Blue Valley. To comic book readers that town means something, yes I’ll tell you, its the original comic book birth place of Wally West son to Rudy and Mary West. Blue Valley is also home to Star-Spangled Kid which makes me wonder if Courtney Whitmore aka Star-Spangled Kid will eventually be coming to the series which would be awesome. If you all remember the series Smallville, Star-Spangled Kid was shown on that series during its last two seasons which on that series that character was bad ass. Blue Valley is also home to the superhero Stripey later known as S.T.R.I.P.E. who was the original Star-Spangled Kid but when he married Barbara Whitemore and became step father to Courtney, he gave Courtney the Star-Spangled Kid suit so she could continue on the legacy and he himself built a suit of armor to be sidekick to Star-Spangled Kid. So if we could have both or just one of these other heroes eventually come to The Flash series would be awesome!
And lets not forget about the big reveal at the end of the episode; Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) told Joe (Jesse L. Martin) she’s pregnant which left Joe shocked as hell! He couldn’t even say a word after that reveal, I mean does this mean we are going to be getting another West child? Perhaps…Which West child would Cecile be pregnant with though? Will this one become a speedster? Who knows, guess we will find out soon enough.
Next episode: The Flash(S04E04): “Elongated Journey Into Night” airs Tuesday October 31, 2017 at 8/7c on The CW