The Middle (S09E04) "Halloween VIII: Orson Murder Mystery"

It’s Halloween in Orson and Frankie and Brick are trying to solve a murder mystery while Axl and Lexie want some alone time, without Sue hanging around.

Frankie finds out from the disclosure papers of when she and Mike bought the Heck house that one of the previous owners, Claudia Rose Tucker, died in the bathtub about 50 years ago. She thinks that all the bad and mysterious things that happen to the Hecks might be caused by that death. To make sure the spirit of Claudia can live in peace, Frankie and Brick work the fiche all day to find out exactly what happened to the 40 year old woman. They come to the conclusion that the woman has to have been murdered. They investigate ‘Case One’ even more by going to the cemetery and start to suspect Claudia’s late husband, and her sister Sylvia. On Halloween night, Brick and Frankie’s investigation leads them to the house of the Sylvia, where they hear the tragic story of Claudia’s death that ties all the loose ends of the investigation together. It turns out Claudia wasn’t murdered, but died of a heart attack 2 days before her 40th birthday. This means that the curse of the Heck house still remains a mystery, as well as the return of Frankie’s bruise…

Sue and Axl are home from college. They are going to a Halloween party with Lexie. Sue is very excited about it because she can go with her brother and best friend, but both Lexie and Axl wouldn’t mind it if she would stay home. They dress up as Donny and Marie (but certainly don’t act like brother and sister 😂) for the party while Sue tags along as a literal third wheel. The couple tries to drop hints that they want to be alone, but Sue just doesn’t seem to get it. When they hide from her, Sue breaks down to Mike, and later Axl, and tells them that she obviously gets that Axl and Lexie don’t want her hanging around all the time, but that she can’t help herself because she’s feeling lonely and also wants what they’re having. Axl then tells her that he actually likes spending time with her now, as opposed to when they were younger, but that it can sometimes be a bit much because he also wants to have alone time with Lexie. Instead of hanging around them all the time, Axl proposes that they should have lunch together, just the two of them.

This Halloween episode of The Middle was really great. Leave it up to The Middle to come up with a ridiculous, but hilarious murder mystery. Obviously Frankie is crazy enough to take this thing way too far (she’s really watched too many episode of Castle), and considering Brick loves a little research as well, hence the microfiche, this storyline seemed like something both characters would do. Not only was the whole plot just weird and funny, the way it ended, with the guy from the water company telling them they have been underpaying for water, was something that could only happen to the Hecks as well.

The other storyline features some great Halloween costumes, as we’ve seen plenty of them over the past years. I loved Sue as the third wheel (who comes up with that, really??!) and the Donny and Marie costumes were great as well, especially after Lexie and Axl found out they are brother and sister. But my favorite scene of this part of the episode was when Axl comforted Sue and was actually nice to her. His character has changed a lot over the years and even though we still see some of the old Axl sometimes, he really has changed.

All in all, the last ever(!!!😭) Halloween episode of The Middle definitely didn’t disappoint!

The Middle’s next episode airs next week, October 31st at 8/7c on ABC.